My Star Wars Fan Film

Hi everyone,  this is a short Stars Wars film I made using hitfilm. Im going to enter it in next years Star wars Fan Film awards.


  • Well done that's about the best use of light savers , tracers and motion tracking I have seen here. Fight scene is very good , the headbut and mid air lightsavers activation are spot on . Not sure why people cant be bothered to give you a little feedback

    IMO , Maybe some color grades are Luts to help with the sci if look would be good. And a little more time spent on props and costumes would take this to the next level

    Good luck with the film awards

  • Thank you very much! Im glad you liked it. I like your idea about the color grading but as a beginner, messing with stuff like that seems scary haha

    The props and costume issue is more of a money thing than time thing.

    Thank you for your feedback 

  • Hmmmm. Next year's contest? I think you'll have time for a "polish" edit.

    There's a lot of good here. You have a well-staged fight scene, most of the camera angles are well chosen, the Stormtrooper split screen is very smooth, and that gag where the Jedi Force Grabs a ricochet and redirects it into the Sith is a clever one I've not seen before.

    There's also some room to clean up what you have. Visually, I think a couple of Simon Jones's tutorials on model compositing will help with the Starfighter, speeding up some of the fight by about 10-20% with the rate stretch tool will give the hits more impact and really make the choreography more brutal. Revisit your audio edit--when one character is six feet from another and you cut into a closeup, the lightsaber sound should drop in volume and not just cut out. And I agree with Alchemist about some grading.

    There's a jump cut at 3:30 that just doesn't work. Do you have an alternate angle or close up of anything you can cheat there to break up the two wide shots? 


    Make a duplicate project (Save As) to play with, that way, if you just get lost you can revert to the current edit. A little more time and love can take this from clever but flawed to really good!

  • edited December 2016

    Had a quick play with the first 30 seconds nothing polished  , added some  smoke heat distortion and  a few green screen effects and some new sounds :)

  • Well not bad, ok there is room for improvement but its out there in the wild and a short story. So good on you.

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback and advice, Im new to film making and editing so I really appreciate all of it. I'll take it on board   

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