[NEW BLOG POST] HitFilm Pro 2017. It's here.



  • @CedricBonnier I am hope for the release of Hitfilm Express 2017 which is the reason for a next-gen 0,--€-VFX-Compositing

    I am lookup the Updates on Hitfilm.com - Mornings, noon, evenings, nights and midnights, every day since November 2016 and i have the Hitfilm-Newsletter subscribed to be notified when Hitfilm Express 2017 is released


    Greetings to all Hitfilm Software-Developers and all employees and the Primary Hitfilm-Staff like "Josh davies" and "Kristie" of FXHome

    Never give it up FXHome!

  • @DanielGWood

    Thanks to Hitfilm Staff for a new Release of Hitfilm Express!

    Hitfilm is my Favourite VFX-Software - When Hitfilm Express 2017 is released i will Update 1-3 Hours after the Publication of HFE 2017 on the Hitfilm-Website - I am will one of the First User which use HFE 2017 at First :-)

  • EDGE_Interactive - Glad to hear it!

  • I  was not much around lately...I would like to know if the problem related to blurry export is fixed in the last version? I am still on Hitfilm Pro 3 and didn't upgrade mostly because of this problem.

    https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/comment/74731/#Comment_74731 "

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