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    @CedricBonnier I tried every sign, nothing works. Typing "rotation position" shows nothing.

    P.S. Windows version.

  • HitFilm Pro 2017 supports DNxHD? I just tried exporting DNxHD from RedCine X-Pro for editing in HitFilm, and when I tried importing them into HitFilm, I got "file error" instead.

    I do have the Avid codecs installed on my machine. I should see if I can export to Grass Valley's codecs from RedCine. Otherwise I'll have to stick with ProRes.


  • DNxHD sounds like it should be supported, see: https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/39430/dnxhd-settings-supported-with-hitfilm

    Are you using MOV as your container?

  • @CedricBonnier "Vegas 13 isn't officially supported in Ignite Pro 2017, meaning that we haven't tested it."

    FWIW I tried one project in Vegas 13 that was using Ignite 4. With Ignite 4 uninstalled and only Ignite 2017 installed the events that used the Ignite effects seemed to be recognized and they seemed to be working.

  • Charoum  They were in MXFs, which I guess is Avid's container? I'm not sure... I guess I'll have to get more familiar with RedCine :-/

  • @WhiteCranePhoto HitFilm does support DNx but only in an MOV file as long as you have QuickTime and the Avid codecs installed. 

  • @WhiteCranePhoto

    Ah OK.  I'm not familiar with RedCine, but it looks like RedCine supports transcoding to MOV natively, or exporting with that container - which would probably work.  HandBrake also supports transcoding from MXF to MOV, but I'm not 100% sure whether that operation is lossless for DNxHD or not.

    It sounds like support for MXF importing in HitFilm is primarily for DVCPro HD, if that codec works for you.  Otherwise, transcoding to MOV would probably be the way to go.

    I wonder how difficult MXF with DNxHD would be for devs to add support in the future?  Either way, good luck!

  • Yeah, I'm exporting to ProRes right now, since I know that that will work. I need to experiment with my Epic and find out what container it uses for DNx, or just capture in ProRes tomorrow. 8K RedCode is severe overkill for event filming. :)


  • Aladdin4d That explains it. RedCine doesn't as far as I can tell allow me to choose which container to use when I select the Avid option. It has a QuickTime option, but I haven't tried that yet to find out what codec options that will give me in RedCine yet.

    Hopefully, RedCode support is coming to HitFilm, particularly now that it's 8K capable, and there aren't any other cameras readily(ish) available that can capture in 8K. :)


  • @WhiteCranePhoto I'm 90% certain Avid's DNx codecs want MOV as the container. 

  • They SUPPORT .mov, but the default apparently is MXF.

    It's probably a preset thing. It might let me choose DNxHD/R as a QuickTime codec setting, but I haven't checked yet.

  • @WhiteCranePhoto I stand corrected. :) 

  • @Triem23 No biggie. Thanks for trying the help though. There's always some stress to deal with learning a bunch of new tools all at once while trying to get things done with tight turnaround times.


  • Kirstie, Josh... with all due respect...

  • @WhiteCranePhoto The QuickTime option should work but the downside is that's using QuickTime. Even though it's extra steps you're probably better off using the native Avid export option and using FFMpeg to to re-wrap the output to an MOV container. 

  • Right now, I'm using ProRes so that I can get this stuff transcoded + edited.

    Of course, if HitFilm could load RedCode directly, I'd probably have it all edited by now (hint hint ;) )

    I dug through the manual... apparently RedCine's DNx exporter exports to MXF.

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    Is the bug related to blurry export fixed in this version?



  •  Kadri Would like to know that as well.

  • I just did a test. I put a Belle Nuit test chart on the NLE timeline (therefore a 2D plane)(and only one plane of media). Set the viewer to 100%. Set the AA to 16/32x. Click the viewer between Full and Antialiased. I can see the fine lines section of the chart get softened in AA display. I set AA to 8xQ CSAA and I do not see the image altered between Full and AA display.

    GPU Nvidia GTX 980. In Nvidia speak 8xQ CSAA is a "true" 8x MSAA.

    The very high 16/32x GPU AA modes will soften. It's what they do. A problem is that Hitfilm is getting this applied to non 3D model rasterization stuff given how I believe (speculate) Hitfilm might going about things. For me I normally just set AA to its min value since I have no 3D models.

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    @Onixarts sorry I misunderstood what you were trying to do. You can search for "grade position" which will show you all position properties in grade layers but you can't search for "position rotation" for now, this isn't a use case that we thought of. We will add it to the features list as I think it is a great suggestion :)

    @Kadri I can't remember what came out of this, we've done so much since July. I'll have a look again when in the office.

  • Is there a way to get the upgrade for free, if i bought Hitfilm 4 Pro recently? (Not even 2 months ago) Cant afford another 210€ at the moment. :(


  • @CedricBonnier that would be awesome to show only this properties which I need at the moment.

  • Unfortunately I can't afford to buy this version of HF, even if I could, my ancient iMac wouldn't be able to cope with it!

    HF2017 looks awesome and I wish the staff all the very best with it. You're a great bunch of people and I love the ethos of your business model, the community here is friendly and helpful. Perhaps if I win the lottery I'll upgrade lol 

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    Two great improvements noticed immediately:

    The project name is displayed in the title bar (like it should be;-) ), no more getting disoriented while too many things are open at once,

    And SCOPES!!!

    Well worth the price of update to HF Pro 2017.

    Thanks HF team!

  • @St3vc3 note there's a Scopes PANEL to check an entire shot and a Scopes EFFECT if you want to look at a subset of layers. Also the effect can render to output. 

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    @Triem23 Ahh, that's an interesting effect. I've been using the NewBlue Region Scope in HF4 which will also render out but I never quite trusted what it was showing me and this looks much cleaner.

    During my short time with HF2017 this morning the UI seems smoother, not laggy. I'm pretty excited!

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    Hey, you guys weren't kidding when you said the Trimmer was improved!  I can scrub much faster on non-optimized video now, which makes me a happy sponge.

    And SCOPES!!!

    What are scopes, and how can a n00b like me bend them to my will in a constructive manner?

  • Wait, you can render scopes output ?! Sweet!

    Anyway... yeah, I'm really jazzed about this update. Enough that I'm looking forward to writing about it on redsharknews.

  • @SteveKartensen, Well I'll take a crack at this until those that really know show up...

    In image color, brightness and contrast there is art and there is science. If you get an expert, trained in image editing, she can just look and say bring down the blue a little and up the contrast a little. That's art. If on the other hand the person is not an expert and not trained (me), I can look at the scopes and see the blue is a little hot, the contrast is flat as a board and the flesh tones are biased toward red. That's the (scope) science. How to do that is scope interpretation which is art and science mixed.

    Here's an introduction that talks about scopes a bit.
    Wrong software but same idea.

  • @SteveKarstensen scopes are a utility tool for color management. (because your monitor is probably wrong). For now, YouTube search any tutorial on vectorscopes and parade displays. It's a standardized tool, so a tutorial for other software will work.

    @WhiteCranePhoto yes,  with the scopes EFFECT. Not on a computer, so I don't remember the control, but if you poke around you should find it. I think you need to click the settings cog in the scopes. Incidentally in Scopes settings you can select rec 604, 709 or 2020 colorspace. 

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