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I was really afraid of showing my works here since there are so many talented guys out there, so I hope you'll appreciate this short video. I discovered Hitfilm by chance in June when I was looking for a free alternative to After Effects, and I quickly fell in love with that software and I got Pro 4 only few days after. I've spent a huge amount of time playing with HF, watching tutos and trying lots of things, I've even installed a green background in my music studio to be able to shoot and chroma key at any time :)
In this video, you'll see a couple of demos or works I did with HF (and Blender) during the last six months :)

PS. music by me :)

Cheers !


  • Nicely done, nice edit and great track!   Lots of good stuff.   The dancer really caught my eye :), but the "package" at the end is very clever.

  • @Deweak  Kudos!  Some great imagery in there. And I agree with Stargazer54 about the track-good stuff.  The music was a good fit to your visuals.

  • Thanks :)

    I plan to make a complete music video clip but I have to write a new song first !

  • Great stuff. Love the music, and the clip with the dancer is awesome! Also, the outro with the moon is very good. 

  • Wow very professional looking collection. Did you have much compostitor experience before Hitfilm, if not you seem to have taken to hit like a duck to water.

    Love the end, very swish.

  • Thanks :)

    I knew video and photo editing prior to getting HF, and due to my background I've tested all kind of software related to music and video. So I got used to layers for a long time, but I never put my mouse on a pure compositing software like HF or AE. For me it's a kind of missing link between things I already knew, that's why I like HF so much (now I'm using it every day, even for photo effects because of the keying and lighting effects, so easy to use...)


    As the dancer sequence seems to interest you all, this is a test I did for a future clip. I want to insert myself playing instruments in a virtual environment like a stage. I needed a test clip so I googled "free dancer green screen" and got this one :


    The curtain-like background is based on a single atomic particle line with a couple of lighting effects. The goal of this test was to check that a flat 2D video could fit in a 3D environnement with a camera moving around. I'm pretty satisfied of the result, this confirms the great keying potential of Hitfilm :)

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    The ending sequence is a mix of techniques : I drew the "rock" on a paper and filled it in Gimp (as I told you I prefer alternative software, so no Photoshop !), the floating branches are a photograph of my house's wall that I chroma keyed and duplicated / animated in HF (it's a wave distortion), the moon is a Blender model I did with a nice NASA map, the stars are 100% HF and the silhouette is myself shot on my green screen (damn I love keying !!!).

    Here is the full length clip with a music by me, too :)


  • That's a good reel, and should get you work. I agree with everyone else's compliments here. 

    The only shot I will pick on is the green fireball shot. Looks like you had to up your gain/ISO on the camera, and there's some nasty noise in it. A little practical lighting adding additional illumination on the face as the fireball forms would help as well.

    Otherwise, some particular standout shots include the nice use of Atomic Particles on the intro (great work with the subtle offset of the text), the "Genesis" shot where you have the band dancing out of their own video, the oft mentioned dancer (good proof of concept for future virtual sets), the "package" (that's very clever marketing!) and the moon. 

  • Thanks for your feedback ! Actually, in the fireball shot i was correctly lit, the noise problem should be an excessive use of deterioration effects and the double processing / encoding ... this was one of my first green screen tests, and if I'd do it now I'd probably make the fireball project some extra particles and light on my face :)

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    The Genesis shot is a part of a video I did for my Genesis tribute band's last concert. It was a nice tracking and keying exercise, and the audience's reaction when our bubble heads came out of the screen was really funny ! The blue man on the circles makes part of another animation for this concert : it's the silhouette on the cover of the "calling all stations" album : after making a hi-res png man from the cover, I had a good moment playing in HF with light effects to bring it to life...

  • The packaging shot is an extract from an ad I did in september in hope of getting some jobs in creative areas instead of being only booked for my technical skills (that's frustrating !). So I did everything here, from the sky timelapse to the music composing. The packaging was made in Open Office Draw and Blender. The clip was edited in Magix Video Pro since it had a better fonts management for the synchronized words sequence 


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