Does Express 4 have quadwarp

Hi Guys, 

I've been tasked to create a short demo/overview video of a new product concept for the company I work for. 

As part of that I'm going to need to do a little screen replacement to display mock up PC software. Does Hitfilm 4 express have quad warp and whatever else is needed to achieve this (I'll shoot with the screen still to avoid the need for tracking)

I have 4 Pro but that means bringing my home laptop in to work. Express should run on my work laptop. 


  • Express does indeed have Quad Warp. I'm not sure what else you'd need here, not having tried to do this myself.

  • The other question I should ask would be is express licensed for commercial use? The video is for internal purposes only but it still is for a commercial purpose

  • Well I believe I recall Josh saying in one of his videos that its FREE for you to use however you want. I think that sums it up. I can't find anything on the store about restrictions, and I can't see why they would not want you to use it commercially, as you would prob want to upgrade some of the licence packs to get the best out of the product.

  • Another way to do it is to turn the "screen" into a 3D plane and manually rotate it to fit the orientation of the monitor, which would be a decent workaround if Quad Warp wasn't available.

  • Track each of the four corners of the display that is to have its screen replaced. Then use each of those trackers as the corners for quad warp.

  • @DreamArchitect @Andy001z here is the license agreement for Express (which I am sure you remember reading from when you signed up ;)). Commercial usage is absolutely fine. 

  • @DanielGWood was that the document that once I clicked accept it burst into flames

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    @DanielGWood   I'm sorry but I don't speak Lawyer :D

  •  Yup @DanielGWood I totally remember reading every word. 

    I need to be able to manipulate the screen so it lifts out and becomes full screen then goes back into a tablet PC. Allowing the viewers to get a clear view of the PC screen for a few seconds. I assume quad warp is the right choice for that? or maybe a 3d plane is a better choice.

  • DreamArchitect I'm thinking it's better to track each corner then do a Quad Warp. Matching a 3D plane can work, but depending on the FoV of the actual camera lens you might end up having to play around with the Zoom parameter of the Hitfilm camera to get a match. 

  • Yes, Hitfilm 4 Express supports "Quad Warp" since i am using Hitfilm 3 Express which is easy to find under:

    > Effects > Warp > Quad Warp

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