Ignite in AE CC 2017 not showing up (Resolved)

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Hi there,

I purchased Hitfilm Pro 4 three days ago and tried to get the Ignite-Plugins to work with AE CC 2017. They won't show up in the effects list. Is AE CC 2017 not supported yet?


  • FXHome please answer the query above as I have just upgraded to Ignite 2017 and cannot see the plugins in AE CC 2017.  Thank you.

  • @MentalArts @Mark1007 I just had a look and we've got an issue in our installer for Ignite. It doesn't work properly with AE 2017 if you haven't got Premiere installed as well.

    We are working on fixing this asap. In the meantime if you install Premiere 2017 and install Ignite again it should work (I know this isn't ideal, sorry about the inconvenience).

  • Thank's for your comment, got it to work finally after installing Premiere...


  • I bought also ignite 2017 pro but plugins are not listed in AE and Premiere CS6. Is it not compatible?
    AE and Premiere are not installed on c:\ but on h:\. Might this be the problem?


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