Is There A Way To Make The Viewer Panel True Fullscreen?

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I'm going to show you what I mean, I've seen this exact problem in earlier threads, but I was wondering if it has been resolved.

A true fullscreen mode would help me feel more immersed in my work, if that makes sense? 


  • Watch this video (Start at 6:30 minutes). This is how I do it...

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    @HitfilmSensei Yeah, unfortunately that seems to be the only way, if you look at my screenshot above, what you see is exactly that, but a true fullscreen what I mean by that is the entire second monitor would be filled by the viewer, no visible minimize/maximize window, etc.

    P.S. You're very good at teaching, so much passion!

  • After you float the viewer window you can then drag it to your second monitor and then maximize it there.   Once you have that worked out then you will want to save your screen set up as a Workspace preset.

    In the top of the main screen on the left is an icon that looks like a bunch of boxes. Click that, click Create and give your set up a name.  I call mine "Dual-Monitor".  Then you can switch back and forth between your custom workspace and the other built-in ones.

  • It's still not full screen though, you can't get rid of the controls around it, so even on a 1920x1200 second screen it can't be displayed any larger than 97.2 %.

    Very nearly full screen, but I wonder if the GPU would display faster and more efficiently if it could actually show it at 100%.

  •  I use 2 1920x1080 monitors, which is why the screenshot above is so wide. Palacono is right, I hope that this is a feature that comes with the new HitFilm 5! :)

  •  @CNK I have an idea... Just put some tape around the edge of your monitor and it will LOOK like it is full screen! :)

  • Agreed that the controls are still visible.  But that can actually be an advantage.   You still have access to the mask drawing tools and can see the "full" frame while working with your mask.

    Also you have access to the Preview control at the bottom of the frame to do a Ram preview.  If the video were totally full frame, those controls would be unavailable.  

    I find this set up works well for me personally, but to each his/her own.

  • Talk about catching the reply as I refresh my thread!

    I would still prefer a completely full screen image, because I get such a good idea and feel so much more immersed with my work that I'm likely to make good adjustments, this is a thing for me.

    If the tools need to stay, then have them come into the frame if you have your mouse in the fullscreen window, because there's no reason to have the mouse cursor on that second monitor while working with the primary monitor. Sort of a best of two worlds scenario for me!

  • Okay so as it turns out, this is apparently a feature included in the new HitFilm 2017 Pro, is it safe to assume that this feature will come to HitFilm 2017 Express as well?

    I'm glad this was looked at and resolved!

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