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Dear Community, (scrub that), hey you lot of helpful peeps. I had an idea for a Holloween short and part of it is based on the need to have a eye asset that I can apply to another object. I had a scavange on the old Google master of the universe seach engine and came up with some very OK or very $$$$ assets. This has to be FREE, and I am looking for something with an eyelid that opens and closes. I guess I could film my own eye and work with that but just thought someone might have done that work for me.

Ideas, resources ?

Let me know or just ignore this post your choice.



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    Can you describe more what you want without blowing the gag? Eye animations are pretty quick to create and it might be easier to build something from scratch. For example, if you want a monster eye, try creating a comp with a plane for some fractal noise to taste, put a black plane above that with a mask for the iris and add a grade layer with sphere on it (Toss in your BG video on a bottom layer and hide it to use as a low-opacity environment map layer for reflections in the eye. If you're fitting that into a human's eye socket, the you track and mask it in.

    Also, this Andrew Kramer tutorial is pretty much a 1 for 1 of how you'd do this in Hitfilm.


  • Thanks @Triem23 as always your words are wise. I will take a look at the video. I was thinking about something with statues... but as always time is against me so it might not happen in time, which is way I was trying to keep it simple and quick.

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    Statues? Build your own. Copy the statue image to another layer and mask it to create an eyelid texture. I'd use the status's actual eyes scaled up a little bit--that way the angle and the lighting will match, and, again, it's just a little bit of extra roto for a blink. Only 3-4 frames! Easy!

  • Build my own, what do you think I am, a master stone masion? :) (I assume you mean 3d) I was thinking more ones with more natural atmosphere but your idea sounds interesting.

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    No, I was thinking using the sphere effect as described above.. 

    Or, when I get home, I'll Dropbox my generic sphere model for you. At that point you just need a texture graphic which you can build yourself or Google-fu.

    Incidentally you'll see an animated eye in this video that's actually Vegas Pro (pre Hitfilm). The whites are just a circle masked layer with some gradients, the iris is a circle masked layer with Fractal Noise and Radical Blur and the Pupil is a masked layer with the same fractal noise as the iris, but black/electric blue and the same radial blur. The layers are slid in 2D and a Bulge effect is added to an adjustment layer. So, what I described above is the same thing, but using a sphere filter instead so the eye can rotate in full 3D.


  • Thanks, wow you actually had to have a Rule "No knives".. scary.

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    Nah, that was a joke. Sassy loved the retractable sword and wanted to use it. I thought it was funny to murder a clown. Twice. This is what happens when the cameraman and a bunch of clowns go improv some rules after a few drinks. 

    The version with the burlesque dancers has a gag for "no banging against the walls" that makes it unsuitable for this forum (but makes it the most viewed of all my videos).

  • well things going well, one thing  Andrew does is use an alpha matte to contain the eye using a mask. Hitfilm uses set matte but this seems to  not bring the eye colour over and adopts the primary layer colour.

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