Last lights short film

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Here is the finished video .
It is a little too serious and a little long probably but i hope you like it:
Try to watch it in HD.

Took me more then 2 years to finish. I used mostly Terragen, Lightwave, Hitfilm Pro and Sony Vegas Pro.


  • Loved it, great choice of music too

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Absolutely gorgeous renders, nice lyrical editing and good choice of music. Very nice sense of scale, too. Things seem suitably huge. 



  • @Kadri ;  Wow! Just Wow!

    I've seen pieces of this posted from time to time but never ever got a sense of where you were going with it.   Cudos!   What a fantastic piece!

    Man, I could go on and on about how stupendous this is.  But know, I could only speak to a mere glimpse of your vision.  I'm in awe at the final product.   A sun in tow.  OMG!

  • Firstly, WOW

    Secondly, Kudos for 2 years of patience

    Thirdly, Great achievement!

    Usually people tend to loose interest in a project they thought to work on and for any reason it takes longer time. You stayed hooked on to what you were looking for and that to, for 8 minutes of video. I can totally understand that the time factor of this work must have been over shadowed by the sheer satisfaction you might have achieved. 

    This is a wonderful feeling, to build something on your own and then finally having the world to see it. 

    Great work and hope to see some new ones in the future.

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    Working on it is hard sometimes really after a while. Especially when you hit a low point with a problem, bad outcome of a render etc.

    I said it on other places too and i honestly mean it, i am proud that i finished it at all. Otherwise there are many parts that could be made much better when i look at the finished film :)

  • Well done Kadri, its a  fine work of art that lets your imaginantion  lose .  Its great what people like your self can achieve working alone with a will to learn and a few software packages you produced a quality short film thats  a inspiration for others.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Kadri, a film is never finished, merely stopped. Eventually you have to release it, and let it be seen....

    It's two years well spent for a beautiful bit of work. Yes, you could tweak it forever, but then you risking Lucasing it to death.

    Now you take the skills you built on this one, and start the next film. :-) 

  • @Kadri  I agree with others that your choice of score was excellent for the piece.  I have always loved that since I first heard Albinoni Adagio in g in Gallipoli.  It has such a melancholic sound that, I think, complimented the visuals.  Which, were very well done, by the way.

  • Thanks.

    I wanted to use "Four seasons" for while because the idea kinda fits the story. But it looked too stylistic and i was so used to "Adagio" (used it as a temp music) at that time it didn't look right to me (even free versions). It is one of the classic scores i love very much :)

    This came just at the time as i begun to work on the sound nearly

    Have a look at his channel too if you haven't seen it. I like his videos.

    There was an interesting video related to the video above

    I found that interesting too.

    Rollerball ( ) was probably one of the reason i like classic music in movies. Not that it is a great movie but i loved it just because of the music.

  • Beautiful! It's this kind of thing that is inspirational to me! Keep them coming :)

  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff
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    This is beautiful :) Heart wrenching music coupled with these kinds of destructive scenes has me right in the feels. 

    I think for me the most impressive bit of VFX was at 3:23 when the moon collides with the planet. The way that it absorbed the other briefly before exploding was brilliantly done. Couple that with the sadness of having those ships/birds (couldn't quite tell) stop to watch - really, really lovely. 

    Well done, sir. 


    Thanks :)


    I have a strange joy from spaceships crashing, moons and planets colliding etc. Don't know why.

    My friend asked me if there will be those kind of things in the video when i was working on it. He knows me good i think :)


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