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Does anyone have experience of the handheld type camera stabilizers? They seem to range from £30 on Ebay to around £600 for glidecam models and yet look almost identical, whats the difference, build quality I guess but would they both do the same sort of job? I was hoping to spend around £50 - £70 but the range is mystifying so if anyone could offer me a recommendation I would be grateful.



  • What sort of camera do you have? Although I can tell you the only thing you'd get for £50-£70 would be something mechanical involving a pivot and/or some weights.

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    @Mandokeith  I have only used a VidPro SB-10 which, as @Palacono correctly points out is a pivot and weights system.  When I first got it, I took it straight out of the box and filmed this little snippet in my hovel.  Finding the perfect balance for your camera is paramount. I added a couple of pix for reference.  It doesn't do too bad, but it's not a stedicam by any means. Still it was only $50 USD from the ever ubiquitous (At least here in the states) Wal-Mart.  Which was all my limited (see said hovel) budget would allow me to justify on an experiment really.  I have used it a couple of times for school programs and such when crowds make it necessary to move on the fly.

  • I've got one of the above Vid Pro kind of things, It's ok but takes practice and does not improve the footage to the kind of expectations that I had. To be honest it's sat in the draw for the last 6 months, because it's a pain to setup right and use to get consistent good results. I guess you pay for what you get right.

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    @Andy001z  I agree completely. I think counting the test above in the past year I have used it maybe 3 or 4 times.  I was hoping for a different look to the results as well; more of a stedicam look but couldn't afford one.


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  • I fancy giving one of the self build steady cams ago, but I think the biggest thing that seems to make it most steady is the motorised ball head for correcting that movment going on.

  • The same question puzzled me a while back then as well. Basically, as with many other things, you get what you pay for, up to a certain point whereas you're paying for the brandname. 

    Since there are quite a few types of handheld stabilizer, the first thing you need to decide, IMO, is what kind of devices are you going to use on it, e.g. smartphones, GoPros, small digicams, mirrorless, small videocams, DSLR, large videocams, etc... and what you're planning to do with it.


  • I'm using a Panasonic HC-V720 video camera, weighs about 350 grams. I'm wondering if using video stabilization as built into the camera or in post production is actually as good as / better alternative?


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