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Hey all,

I've just experimented with the lightning effect and embedded the result as a comp into a particle system to create the change in size (actually depth - because of a 3d set-up). Combined with the randomness of color of each particle between black and white I was able to create a random appearing of the lightnings. (I've used a black background plane in order to make the black lightnings invisible and embedded this comp into a third with blending mode add). You can see the result here.


If that is ok, I'm going to keep this thread as a personal thread for showing you my little projects. Have a good day!


  • Great dude :D Go ahead!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Looks good! 

    A couple of things to consider. Perhaps, instead of ramping color from black to white you could go ahead and leave everything white and turn particles per second down? Then you could drop the black plane (actually, if you're comping the entire thing in ADD blend mode, you don't need the black plane at all?). Another option is to leave the black plane and lightning, but add a grade layer on top of your particle sim and add a Demult effect. This will eliminate black and give you the option to comp your particle sim in Normal blend mode.

    Another option is to go back to your lightning comp and turn off glows in the Lightning effect. Instead add a glow effect to your embedded particle sim. Once you start adding in clouds and background to finish off this distant storm look that should help the glows fit better into the final shot. I would recommend in the glow effect turning on A/B colors. Color A is white, color B is your pale blue. 

    Note all the above says "perhaps" and "option" a lot. What you have looks good, but some of the suggestions above might look better and/or be easier to set up. 

    Of COURSE you should keep a thread going for sharing projects. Something else you can do is edit the title of your thread whenever you upload a new project. Palacono, Aiden, myself and several other users do that exact thing. 

  • Alright, thanks for the advice @Triem23. I appreciate your comment and will keep you updated.

  • @Takeoff ; Very nice!  Looking pretty realistic.

  • edited October 2016

    It's been some days now since the first post here but now I am able to share this basic thunderstorm scene with (unfortunately) some little "mistakes". I do not own any rights on the background image or sound.


    Edit: Time between lightnings is unrealistic

  • Very cool!  I especially like the little riff of lighting behind the clouds that moves from right to left at about :09.   That's what makes the scene realistic (in my mind).   The actual lighting bolts may be too numerous.   Less is more.

  • @Stargazer54 Thank you for your comment! I will render a new version with less lighting bolts in order to achieve a more realistic result.

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