My new sci-fi short film - "Alienation or (The Importance of Loneliness)"

Hi all! I've just released a new sci-fi short film, some of the effects for which were done in Hitfilm. I worked very hard on it, so I'll gladly take on any feedback you might have!

Here's the trailer: 

And here's the film itself:

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  • Overall I liked it.  The only thing that I found that detracted from my giving a Giant thumbs up was the use of the tutorial based Hit Film heads up display. For me, it looked like it was a brief continuation of the tutorial.   The audio was superb and I liked how you visually portrayed the place between life and death.  If this was green screen you did a great keying job and I likes the subtle reflections from the floor.




  • Thanks for the kind words, Bob!

    As for the Heads Up display, although I stuck to the tutorial for the bare bones of it, a lot of experimenting and guessing went into various other aspects, such as the camera shake and getting the lighting on the face to shift from red to blue as well as the HUD. And to be honest, the average audience member shan't sit there and think 'Oh, the bastard, that's the thing from Hitfilm 4!' But thanks very much for the feedback, it's much appreciated!


  • Nice use of the HUD effect there @jammiepitt! Loved the way that the colour of their faces changed with the display. 
    As @BobDiMarzio said, the audio was great (which is so hard to get right, so real kudos for that). The concept and the camera work in the white room with the other actors was really well done. 
    Looking forward to your next project!

  • A solid bit of work, maybe a bit heavy for my liking, but good camera work and direction. It felt to me like there was a scene tie that was missing between the pair in the ship crashing and then on the beach. If you had maybe had a horizon shot with some smoke drifting out of the water, that might of hinted this was the crash site. Good job.

  • Oh, gosh - I really should've answered four months ago! 

    @KirstieT, thank you very much for the kind words; if I make any more films with heavy SFX, I'll be sure to post them here!

    @Andy001z - thank you! You're right - it was rather cheeky jumping from one scene to the other. The intention behind that was (and the reason for them crashlanding into the sea) that I wasn't too confident about animating a proper crashed spaceship sinking into the waters (nor on land!) so instead decided for the character to emerge out of the water gasping for breath and intercut it with the scenes aboard the ship.

    And I'm curious what you mean by 'a bit heavy'? Is that in terms of the story; the themes; the philosophy?


  • What are your plans with this video? Who will see it?

  • Hi @Yeremyah,

    Given that this was a school project first and a film for my own use second, I'm not doing too much with it other than having released it to Youtube late last year. It's gonna be screened at a couple festivals in the next few months here in London though, but otherwise onto bigger and better things!


  • @jammiepitt An interesting piece.  Hope you do well with the festivals.  It certainly seems worthy in scope and statement.  Kudos to your lead actor/friend for braving the surf in, I assume, October from the date on the preview.  Must have been rather chilly.   Oh, and I agree with Andy001z, the theme and such are some deep philosophical ideas and heavier than most budding filmmakers your (or even my age) take on.

  • FWIW, no "crash site" didn't bother me. The thing is, the intercut is very effective, and catching the pier in frame, and the casual clothes gave the sequence a PTSD feel, like the crash happened long ago, far away and we were seeing a recurring loss of control. I felt this was going to be Alienation in the sense of loss of cultural identity through trauma (i.e. Since she died in the crash he has survivor's guilt after rescue and return home. 

    So the reveal at the end was a bigger twist. 

    Nicely done. Like tddavis said, more weighty than the normal school film. Your team pulled it off well. 

  • Weighty is a better word... than heavy

  • @Andy001z - fair enough!

    @tddavis Thank you for compliments, and I think it was September in fact, and about 6:30 in the morning no less! The poor guy nearly died out there! 

    @Triem23 Thanks, and a PTSD feel was indeed the intended direction, so I'm glad that rubbed off on you. Although I consider myself a self-shooter, you're right that my team did very well - without the excellent music and makeup the film wouldn't be half what it is.

  • And actors of course. ;-) 

  • @Triem23 - yeah, I definitely wouldn't have gotten very far without them!


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