Again I am having problems with mocha Hitfilm to solve the camera of my scene. In mocha i setup 4 planar tracks and have all tracked very accurately. When I go to the camera solve module however, when I solve my camera and export it to Hitfilm, all of my points are behind the camera in 3d space and the camera itself seems reversed. What is happening?


  • Try it again. Mocha is pretty random sometimes and If I track something three different times I'll get three different camera solve results.

  • I have tried 10 times but still getting the same result with different camera models. I am going tp put a link to a video in a few minutes to show you

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    Those are not good tracks. The purple grid doesn't line up on the wall very well - the vertical lines should align with the wall edge itself -  and the ground track is not even close to having the same perspective. Look at the line along the edge of the lawn in front of the house; the grid should align with that on one side and the flower(?) bed on the other.

    Even the hedge looks drunk :) ; the grid lines for that should be vertical.

  • I have positioned those grids myself and wherever I put them they still stay locked on in position its just the way I have positioned them.

  • Could you please give some advice to maybe track those planes better>

  • Just having the grid locked in place is not all that is involved. The grid represents the angle of the plane, which mocha will use to calculate the solve. If you tell mocha that the plane you are tracking is ant an angle different than the actual plane, its going to throw off the math, thus throwing off the solve. The grids can't be placed arbitrarily, they need to match up with the surface that they represent.

  • I have retracked all my planes and it seemed to work after that I just don't see why the points were behind the camera. I have seen that many other people have problems with the camera solve part of mocha so I just hope that it maybe improves in Hitfilm 5 which I plan on getting when it comes out.

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    Glad to hear you solved your problem. It will work exactly the same way in Hitfilm 5. Mocha is supplying the camera information to Hitfilm and it needs accurate solves from properly tracked planes. Garbage in = garbage out.

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