Scrapbook of completed projects in Hitfilm

Hello guys

I haven't been on the forum for a few months, saying that i was fairly new to Hitfilms or any creative programs basically. So my knowledge was zero and is now maybe 0.1 lol but i have been busy trying out all the tips and tutorials you guys and Hitfilm staff provided and tried to get a feel for video editing.  As it goes i'm yet to actually create a film style video and all my creative projects are very basic to many. I would still like to show what i have sort of got the hang of ha ha. Being such a novice to anything like this , i mean i haven't had a PC for over 18 years ( thanx Hitfilms you cost me over a grand haha ) being a console junkie sort of separated me from the power of this awesome creative stuff.

I use Hitfilm for almost all my editing , from montages to creative projects. So i thought why not share what i have been creating. Ok you may not like the actual content i provide in my material but i guess that's not the point of why i'm sharing. The creative bug in creating videos of whatever kind lol started over around 6 months ago.  Many many things still overwhelm me in the editor but one thing is for sure , its an easy and very clear to learn program. Now to find some brains to do that with with. hope you guys find something you like. If not never mind , next post ha ha ha ha thanx for reading and watching. 

Feel free to comment or post any advice , its more than appreciated.

Kind regards

The Funk

A project i hosted for  the community of a game im just so addicted too

The lower thirds in this film was created by another well known hitfilms user. His lower thirds helped me for time reasons but i intend to learn how to do these my self for future videos. Check out the info for more detials

A quick clean add for a project im hosting in a video game i play

A Video aiding in search results for other platforms that crossplatform ( noted over flicker on the beginning sequence unsure why, some odd reason i never realised till after upload )

How to build a trials track was my first audio recording and as you can hear from my commentary you can see why i haven't hurried to do this previous lol. I have to use my ps4 to record and then transfer the sound and turn it into a wave sound or mp4 so the sounds no great and my dumb tone is just terrible but oh well lol got to start somewhere as they say


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