Halloween + Zombie + Dumpster Diving MASHUP (Mocha roto, Hitfilm greenscreen/edit/compositing)

With the upcoming launch of TWD season 7, and Halloween just around the corner, I thought you all would appreciate a little tongue-in-cheek mashup of the hottest horror genre + the hottest YouTube vlogging topic.


(while the entire clip uses HitFilm, the last minute or so is HEAVY with compositing if you want to jump ahead)

I use HitFilm EXCLUSIVELY as my go-to film-making tool. This short includes the keying, compositing, mild coloring, editing, and rendering features of HitFilm. I also used Mocha to roto the truck out of a busy parking lot background.

Please let me know your feedback... good or bad. I'm also open to hearing your thoughts about what part 2 should look like, collaborations with my fellow HitFilm fanatics, etc. Feel free to share this short with anyone who might get a chuckle!

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