Aussie Foods Down Under & my comedy Channel

So lately Ive been working on my series "Aussie Foods Down Under", not Vfx project as such, but I use Hitfilm 4 for everything,  this is my primary editor.

Aussie Foods Down Under Playlist

The concept, I review Australian food products in the outdoors. My new catch phrase "Where food reviews are an adventure"

The series keeps evolving in style. Once again, I am looking at retooling it, to be more polished and more action packed...(yes I know its a food review show)  filming this solo, has been difficult, carting 4 cameras around, and unfortunately not the most successful series, but I enjoy making it so that's all that matters

Recent episodes


 Comedy Channel

My other project is my second channel, which is more entertainment/comedy and more VFX. Again I use only Hitfilm 4


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