Bad Halloween Joke - a LEGO stop-motion animation

My latest Halloween video. Created with HitFilm 4 Express.


  • Nicely animated, loved the crisp sounds you added. Shame you didn't do the old missed me gag on the skelly crossing the road and then have a train or lorry or bus or Xwing get him.

  • Well done, @SeanDoubleJ . I'm always amazed that LEGO folk are so dedicated in time and effort. Keep up the great work!  

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Loved it! Sure, it's a cheesy joke, but, I always appreciate the effort stop motion takes. Very nicely designed and animated. 

  • @SeanDoubleJ I've been watching your videos for years now, ever since I started working here - and you've really done a fantastic job improving the quality over time. The animation is smooth while also looking suitably stop-motion'y, the lighting is excellent and your visual effects are looking great!
    Nice one :)

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