Learning alembic between blender to hitfilm


So far so good I guess. No textures applied or anything to the model but was done using Blenders "New" alembic export function. The model was a 3ds file that was animated using a .bvh mocap then applied to the mesh and then with a quick weight painting added. Then exported as an alembic file to use in Hitfilm 4 Pro. From there it was just the usual process of importing a 3d model "Army Pilot" then imported 3d animation .abc file. However not sure about the texture situation as when I tried applying the textures to the model it came out all wonky looking as though it was using one texture only and stretching it across the whole model. But I am sure that is just a setting in blender to get hitfilm to understand what to map where and how.


  • I believe if your textures are UV mapped in your 3D package then the UV's translate over to HF and it should work.  But if you are doing  basic planar or spherical mapping instead, then there aren't any UV's that HF will know about and the textures may fail.

  • @Stargazer54 Thanks for the info on that. Honestly I am not sure exactly how the textures were mapped on the 3d object to begin with but will check to see. The model already came with textures applied. I am trying to learn the Blender side of things but is kinda shooting in the dark due to lack of info about the *coughs* "new" alembic feature in Blender. Thanks again for the info. I will be sure to make sure they are UV mapped correctly on my next attempt.

  • Good job figuring out what you did! I would have no clue as to where to start.

  • @StormyKnight ; Thank you, just takes a lot of trial and error and patience. Especially coming from a newbie standpoint like me. lol

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