Controlling multiple speed of the frames

Hi guys,

Is it possible to control speed of frames on a layer at different points.

For example, in the start of the frames the speed is normal, then somewhere in the middle of the layer, it goes slow and then fast frames at the end.

Help would be appreciated.




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    Yes its possible.

    in the edit line, cut the normal-speed-frame from the increase-speed-frame and speed-up at your convenience

    in the comp line, use keyframes for speed-up or slowdown your clip


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    Well, there are several ways to do this in Hitfilm.

    If you want the speed transitions to "snap" to slow motion, then the easiest way to do this is to place your media on the editor timeline, then split the track where you want to snap to slow motion. Then you can right-click the "slow" clip and select "Speed/Duration." Change from 100% (normal speed) to 50% (half speed). Then split the clip again where you want to snap back to normal motion and, again, right click the third section, select speed/duration and set back to 100%.

    Or, split the clip twice--where you want the slow-motion to start and end (you could also do this step in the method described above)--select the "Rate Stretch" tool in the column to the left of the layer stack and drag out the slow area to it's new duration.

    If you need the speed changes to gradually "ramp," then you have to use Hitfilm's annoyingly non-intuitive "Speed" effect in the Temporal group. In this case you're going to need to move the clip into a composite shot. Change the duration of the composite shot to twice that of the media clip. Create a SECOND composite shot of the duration of the first one, and drag the first composite shot in as a media clip. Apply the speed effect to the embedded composite shot, activate keyframing, and keyframe from 1.0 to 0.5 over the transition. Then keyframe from 0.5 to 1.0. Note that the lenght of the datablock in the timeline will not change. Note that you will likely have blank frames at the end of the effected clip. DO NOT CHANGE THE DATABLOCK ON THE TIMELINE! The Speed effect is a "relative modifier" that uses the datablock to define the frames calculated. If you start changing the in/out points of the effected clip you will screw up the effect. Finally drag this second composite shot onto your editor timeline. This is where you can trim off excess frames at the end.

  • Awesome!!

    Thanks guys, I'll try these methods to see how it works 

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