Film Music Test

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Hey everyone,

I created this short piece of film score some time ago and would like to share it with you. Maybe somebody could find it useful.


  • Thanks will add it to my collection

    1. The score is amazing
    2. Your logo is amazing
    3. The font of your name is amazing

    Everything is very modern.

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    Thanks to @Alchemist and @TriFlixFilms for your comments, I appreciate that. I know that there are sure many people out there who can make much better music than me but I would still love to share this little spark of hollywood-feeling with you again. (I know it's pretty short )

    Have a nice day!

  • Hi, I liked it, but I did rather feel it was building to something that never came.

  • Haha, that's true, @Andy001z , it was just a short sequence, I am working on a hole composition... Thanks anyways!

  • I liked it, but would use it up until the 30 second mark, ending on the up 'strike'.

    Can see it playing as the character is travelling to a showdown with someone, he kicks open the door, eyes lock with his enemy, music stops, and he goes all Jason Bourne on him. :)

  • If you like to I could make longer music sequences for different moods... (Depends on if you need music in general here ) If not, please just ignore this thread.

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