Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy

Inspired by the tutorial about making cool sequences from NASA images, I created this music video.  It pretty much maxed out my current understanding of how Hitfilm works, but was great fun to do and I have learned a ton of new tricks.  Enjoy!



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    That's a lot of fun, and a great surprise ending! 

    Talk a bit about how you put this together. I'm guessing all the 3D animation was done outside of Hitfilm, and Hitfilm became space backgrounds, flares, fire/particle effects and grading? Final edit/Audio in Vegas? 

  • Thanks Triem23 - the animation for the character, cockpit shots and planet were all done in Muvizu (download the free version and try it out people, it's a lot of fun).  This allows you to export the animations as layers on transparent backgrounds (PNG image sequences to be exact) which makes life a lot simpler.  I used NASA images (cut up in photoshop) to create the layered effect, added some particles, flares, clouds and a ton of different grades (especially glow, colour temp and vibrance to make everything overly saturated without losing detail).  I followed the  'create a 3D space nebula' tutorial vid (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xdv0v_of1tg) to create my first space shot, then just made variations on that theme.

    Each comp shot was exported (as an image sequence) and then brought into Vegas for final assembly.  Much as I like HF, the video editor is way too clunky, slow and awkward to use compared to Vegas.  Sorry, but it is :)  Vegas is far inferior when it comes to compositing, of course, but for editing footage I've never found anything that beats it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    No need to apologize to me. Hitfilm is my VFX software of choice, but I edit in Vegas. 

  • Well done  its entertaining, i enjoyed this . Some nice space shots and a likeable charactor. Hitfilm has some nice warp tunnel effects that could add to this. Look forward to episode 2 if there is one  :)

  • Thanks Alchemist - I'm still finding out how to use these effects, and what they all do.  Hitfilm Pro has a lot of cool stuff in there I know nothing about yet!

  • Beautiful!! You've got that technique down! Probably my first Hitfilm tutorial as well xD

  • Thanks Keegan - and it's a great little tutorial, really inspiring I thought.  To infinity and beyond! :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Keegan at Ziggy72 That was also MY first HF tutorial. Keegs may have seen this story before, but, long story short, I check this tutorial. I do my nebula. It takes.... oh, 45 minutes. Pretty good for the first time in the software. I do a similar nebula in AE (5 yrs experience) and it takes about an hour. I do one in Boris FX 10 (3 yrs experience)--takes two hours! I build one directly in Vegas (13 yrs experience) with some BCC effects to fill it--takes about a half hour.

    So... I built the shot in Hitfilm, my first time in the software, significantly faster than the other two compositing packages I had years of experience with? Hitfilm obviously suited me better. Now I only use AE when I HAVE to, and, guess what? That's really not very often!

  • You my friend, going to end up someone big. This is an awesome creativity and skill display. This is definitely something which can be used for children program about galaxies and space, something like another tv documentary Cosmos is doing. You should look forward to enhance it and bring in more learning material, it can be hit for children to learn in this fancy way. 


  • Thanks Ahssan - I didn't consider making kid's stuff, but yeah it's a possibility.  With HF everything's a possibility, it seems... :)

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