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Hi Guys, using particle simulator i am trying to make cloud out of it , when i go to particle System /appearance Texture Source , Built -In then Texture I choose Fluffy cloud the particles keeps popping up how do i stop that? to have a calm cloud.


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    you can change this on lifetime panel "alpha". see the video tutorials particle system/Athmospheric dust about 7"" or in other tutorials on the same folder..

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    @chriguf that's a good tip for jaa, but I don't think that's what he's asking. 

    Jaa, I assume you're trying to have a cloud and just have it BE there the entire time without new particles spawning. 

    So. Go down to particle movement and set life half a second longer than your shot. 

    Go to the first frame and find the "Active"  property of the emitter. Go forward two frames and add a keyframe to turn the emitter off.

    Now go to particles per second and turn that up until your cloud is if proper size and density. 

    Move the particle layer back (left) three frames on the timeline so the entire cloud exists on frame one. 

    Drag the right edge of the particle sim layer all the way right on the timeline so the cloud exists for the entire shot. 

  • jaajaa
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     Awesome Triem 23 ,  I got  it Thank you!!!!!! for your help

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