Do I have to Pay Monthly for HFP4?

The title says it all. I'd really love to receive an answer asap. I'm sorry if the answer may seem obvious to you but after digging around for a while the answer still seems vague.





    edited October 2016

     HitFilm Pro is a one time purchase.

    You may want to hold out for HitFilm 5 Pro, my guess is that it'll be out late Q4 or early Q1.

    Before buying, check your PC specs so that you know you can run the program comfortably. Alternatively, download the HitFilm 4 Pro Demo and play around with it for a bit, to see if it meets your expectations.

  • Thanks for the answer CNK! I may hold out for HFP5 and as for specs, I know that my pc is able to easily run HF, I've been running HF4E for a while now with zero to little problems.



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