Epic Channel Trailer?

I've made this channel trailer and I'd like to know what you guys think, if it's too lengthy, if the intro is too long, if it grabbed your interest or not... I'm really experimenting with the style of my YouTube channel but I think this represents it pretty well. I use the ancient HitFilm 2 Ultimate for all my videos so my channel is really effects oriented.



  • Even though the music is of the kind that irritates me, I couldn't help but watch the whole video. You caught me. After 20 seconds, I was thinking to myself that I liked the style and pace of that trailer. All the effects you display are well done and appealing, they make us want to know how you did them.

    Good job, really good job!

    I would say it's jus a bit long though. After a while, ok, I got it,the "wow" factor kind of wore out. You have enough material to make two shorter punchy trailers, that would be like "teaser #1" and "teaser #2" ;)

    But... Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! That was something!  

  • @austinthewierd Nice pacing and editing.  Fun to watch.  Had no problem with the sound track.  I think it fit well with the madcap flavor of the demo,

    Have to agree with @Louplynx.  You could trim it down a little bit and it would be even more awesome.  Always leave them wanting more.

  • That was surprisingly dope. Great work!

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