What Hitfilm 4 Can Do-See This Trailor 2017 -Pro Tuitral Coming Soon(Put a Cg Helicopter In ur Film)


This is Our New Short Film About Terrerism in Pakistan.See The Vfx (like Helicopter,Gunfire.blood,Rocket luncher,etc)Tuitral coming soon..And Also this film,

comment below if u like the Vfx and Trailor....


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    It's a well cut, nicely shot trailer. The heli shot is well composited.

    The rocket launcher shot looks a little off after the initial explosion. I think some smoke between the camera and fire will fix it.

    Nice work! 

  • Thanks Triem23,we will fix it!

  • Yes that's entertaining to watch

    It's funny, I didn't see it like @Triem23 did. I didn't spot what he saw was wrong with the rocket launch, but I find it impossible to miss that the helicopter's angle is weird! It looks like it's seen from slightly above, when it should be from below! That's the main issue there is with that shot.

    Then, if I may suggest some improvements:

    - blurring a bit both the helicopter and the rocket launcher would help blend them more with the background.

    - maybe you could make the helicopter blades turn faster (for a "crisp" 60fps look) or add motion blur (for a smoother cinematic look). And perhaps also add some acceleration to its movement, like a forward tilt then an increase both in speed and in altitude so it looks more realistic?

    For a first try, it's pretty nice! Congratulations :)


  • Looks like the bad guy has an iPhone.   You get cell coverage out in the bush?  Bad guys always have iPhones.

    But seriously @Cervier is right on about the chopper.  Need to rotate it more so it looks like the camera is below it, turn the blades much faster - maybe add a little motion blur.   Also, even though the the copter is "hovering" it is not completely stationary.  It will drift a little due to the wind currents and its own wash being so close to the ground.  Let it drift a little, then use "ease in" to lift away.

  • U did not see it like (T 23) bcos u r not a pro,if u r a pro then u are already noticed that this whole clip is not for a vfx composite shot.Our actor is too far from a camera,The angle that I used is my last I tried it from diffrent angles, in this satuation the helicopter angle is 90% correct..means it dones nicely...the blades yes,rotating very slowly,again I say u r not a pro user if u,u noticed that this is a rendering mistake .not my own I rotate it perfectly but after render it looks wired...the luncher shot is green screen I tried it my best...Anyway my frnd thanks for ur deeply review,....       Happy Day...    

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    Ok, I get it. I'm not a pro, but you are, you like the angle your helicopter makes with the ground, whatever's wrong with the clip is not your fault and you're going to make tutorials about how to put a CGI helicopter in a shot.

    Sure. That's fine with me. Go for it. Live your dreams!

  • Nice trailer! Love all the action-the camera reflects it all so nicely. My only critque would be the grading is a bit heavy.



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    My tuitral is about how to put a helicopter in ur shot,not about how to correct a helicopter angle in ur shot...bcos every clip is not the same...Anyway thanks bro for for this cool review ....We Are Family bcos we are Hitfilmers....

  • That's a nice clip Pak. The composition is very nicely done. Just the last shot of shooting need to blend in with the rest of the scene. I'm sure with a little tweak, you will be able to make it look much better.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Glad to see u Here Ahssan,yes I will fix it,keep learning hitfilm bcos its very simple and highly professional. ...

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