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OK, so messing bout late last evening, came up with a nice little splash (err the thing that people  / companies use to represent themselves in front of the movie) but at 30Secs it feels to long. So suggestions on length anyone? I'm guessing you don't want your audience to have to sit through this everytime so keeping it short is better?

Anyway having fun (Winter is coming, the VFX evenings are getting longer :)


  • Well... Some studios do have 20-30 second logos (the Marvel Logo is 25), but I would say 10-15 at most. 

    Or, sinceYouTube is "short attention span theater," 5-10.

  • Yep my thinking too. cheers @triem23, hopefully Ill post it soon.

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    YouTube Content: 1 - 4 sec

    Proffesional Short: Up to 10-12ish sec (But I NEEDS to be dynamic/interesting)

    Just my opinion. I draw this from the concept "Does it add to the film?"

    • Theres the one company that within 5 seconds has lighting hit a tree and makes it bloom
    • Marvel with a 10 sec 'weaving' camera through their 3D text logo (sometimes with background info to the movie by paying homage to comic books)
    • Dreamworks' man on the moon casts a fishing pole in the movie Shark Tale and the lure goes all the way down to the water and starts the movie over the course of 30 sec

    To conclude: Don't ask how long can it be (period), but instead ask how short can I make it and is it possible to make it add to the story.

  • And then there is Casey Neistat where the intro is part of the video.

  • Please... no more Casey Neistat! Use the concept but I'm tired of every vlogger copy/pasting formats hahaha

    Jokes aside, do as you want but do it well to the best of your abilities. Being original will general take you farther than imitation :)

  • Neistat should read user manuals before telling a million people the DJI MAVIC PRO has a crap camera because he didn't know how to operate it properly. Just being snotty. 

  • @Triem23 I agree 3000%... I watched those videos last night. The cameras are nearly identical by spec and when they are focused properly the image would look very similar, but he didnt do that. Curious thing seeing GoPro CEO in the video but not the DJI CEO, maybe just a coincidence.

    The real difference is:


    • Extra Features
    • Longer battery/Flight Time
    • Cheaper
    • More compact
    • Lighter weight
    • Close to 4 mile range from control


    • All-In-One (Drone, Hand Gimbal, Action Cam)
    • Very Nice/Functional, yet awkwardly sized backpack
    • About .5 mile range from controler
    • Don't need a cellphone to monitor

    (Personally I want a modest sized backpack that fits a drone, camera, 15" laptop, and a monopod on the outside via straps. This wasnt acheivable less than a month ago but now is completely do-able)

  • My post was not meant as a endorsement for Neistat. I was merely  pointing out that not everyone uses the traditional Introduction format.   Also, I guess I'm a bit impatient.  I tend to fast forward through the introductions of the  Tubes that I routinely watch.    I particularly like the way that Axel starts a Tutorial.  He starts with a concise review of what we are to learn,followed by a 5 second HitFilm splash. Very neat and tidy.

  • Thanks guys, well I've got it down to 9 secs, maybe too long, but just wanted to play. Not really my channel final product, or is it, heck it just looks pretty to me. Anyway, post soon.

  • Cant wait to see it :)

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