Back to the Trimmer?

I am just now starting to work with the Editor.  I've spent all my time in the compositor, but now that I have 4K footage to work with I am trying to make friends with HF as my editor of choice.

So a basic question.  Once you have set your in and out points in the Trimmer and dragged the trimmed footage to the timeline, how do you adjust the in and out points after the fact? 

Are you forced to use the Slice tool from that point forward?

It sure would be nice to jump back to the trimmer and be able to ripple the timeline as you adjust in and out points on your clip there.



  • Just drag the edges of the timeline clip/event to move the in/out point individually. Use slip trim to keep the same length but move within the media.

    Now if you have clips/events butted up against each other and want to move that comes to using the various timeline tools and then it all depends on what action you want as to what tool or technique you use.

    You don't have to use the trimmer. You can just drag media to the timeline and trim there. Depending on media length this will affect the timeline zoom options. The NLE timeline grows but never shortens which affects the zoom options.


  • Thanks @NormanPCN.  That's kind of what I figured.   Thought maybe I was missing something.

    But you're right.  No need to go back to the Trimmer at all.  Just use the Roll, Slip, Ripple an Slide tools on the left side of the timeline.

    I guess using the trimmer gets you in the ballpark, but fine adjustment is done with those other tools.


  • It could be nice to "send" a timeline clip/event to the trimmer as a quick way to open the trimmer with the trimmer in/out points set the clip/event points. This is not a new idea. Vegas has this and probably others.

  • Am I the only one who never ever uses the Trimmer? Organizational holderover from linear days, that. I just trim on the timeline! 

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    I only used the trimmer in Vegas but a few times. I just trimmed from the timeline. However in Hitfilm I have used the trimmer because of the effects on the timeline zoom limitations in Hitfilm. My GoPro clips tend to be really frickin long and this messes up Hitfilm zooming. First because the Hitfilm NLE time really does have an actual length and because the limited zoom ability is affected by timeline length.

    Because my workflow had been to do that I did get some messed up projects in Hitfilm. To fix, I opened the HFP file in an XML editor and edited the timeline length field down to a reasonable value so that further work was reasonable on the NLE timeline. By "messed up" project I mean something that was a couple of minutes had an NLE timeline length of 15+ minutes.

    If Hitfilm is going to record/enter/have an actual NLE timeline length, then I should have the ability to set it myself.

    The Hitfilm NLE timeline zoom implementation would violate my 8th amendment rights here in the states.  "cruel and unusual..."

  • @Triem23 No you are not sir! I never use it in HitFilm or Vegas. I'm usually greeted by shock, confusion, disbelief and occasionally even looks of revulsion from a few in the Avid crowd whenever I mention that fact.

  • @Aladdin4d I know Avid editors who say Vegas is ass-backwards because double-clicking media defaults to Timeline, not Trimmer. I figure I can trim on Timeline, so every single drag from Trimmer to Timeline is a wasted movement. Either drag on Timeline or split, delete, ripple if needed (lots of CRTL+F or ALT+CTRL+F in Vegas).

    For editors who like the Trimmer window, that's cool. Everyone has a preferred workflow. 

  • @Triem23 It might default that way, but the setting in Preferences>General toggles it easily enough.

  • @Triem23

    I'd never thought of doing without the trimmer. I went directly from MovieMaker to Lightworks, and having an "in" window was sooo nice! I can see how easy it is to just drop short clips on the timeline and trim them there, but what if you want to use, say, a few seconds of a much (much!) longer clip? I'm curious about your method.

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