Anyone either know LANC or use a BlackMagic Camera w/ a Controller?

Trying to find out how LANC works and what controllers are compatible with a BMD camera, if you are slightly familiar with either id love to hear from you.

Thank you.


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    What controllers and functions are compatible is going to depend on both the camera and the lens, On the plus side BMD cameras are popular enough that a lot of the controller manufacturers have implemented support for them. 

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    Thank you very much @Aladdin4d, well I guess I have my research ahead of me then lol

    I was thinking of a controller similar to this (which I know wasn't compatible):

    But the main controls I want are Zoom, Focus, and a Rec button. The prior research basically lead to having to build and program it myself, which I can but...  I would happily buy one if there was one available since my time is very limited  :)

    This has been the most resourceful so far though:

  • You might be SOL on zoom without going through everything in the link you posted. The  Bebob Zoe-dvxl  will work with MFT Panny lenses but no zoom and I read somewhere else that Manfrotto officially supports using their controllers with BMD cameras.

    The controller you linked to might actually work but at that price probably only once or twice ;)

  • Right now the most likely options are a

    1. Use this with a really high nice follow focus.
    2. Copy Cheeseycam in this video to a 'T' and program it all myself

    Both options are tempting haha, sadly I have yet to program a controlling yet (still a junior and that's the senior level class) but I don't think programming it will be nearly as difficult as I first expected.

    Thank you very much as always, Sir. @Aladdin4d

  • If you're going with a Micro then there might not be any programming depending on what you want to do. He used PWM inputs in the video but the Micro also supports the Futaba S Bus! All you need then is a transmitter and receiver and map the controls using the camera menus with no programming. Here's a 6 channel transmitter/receiver combo:

    And if you don't want wireless you can program an Arduino to use as an S-bus packet generator


  • @TriFlixFilms take a look at tge Edelkrone FocusOne

    It's more designed for the one-man band and it set up a little differently than most. Edelkrone gear is a little more expensive than it's competition, but it's gear is beautifully made. 

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    In your guys' proffesional opinion, when working on low budget short films which do you prefer: Manual Dial Follow Focus or Digital Buttons?

    Again, my goal is to create something similar to CheesyCam's desig, a rig similar to that of a RED Scarlet (Box/Sensor with a bunch of attachments/addons making it's price to performance very admirable) in an effort to steer away from the mirrorless/dslr scene and jump into the immersion of more proffesional work.

    I understand expensive tools =/= good video, but I think I've hit my limits with the funcationality of my current camera and would like to move on.

    That being said, greatly appreciate your guys help on this matter,  a lot of muddy water has been cleared up haha. Two of the best guys on the forums tbh :) @trimer23 @aladdin4d

  • Dial, dude. Analog control and a fluid action. Buttons are quantized and require pressure on the camera body, which can fubar a shot. 

    Even for remote gear I prefer Iris/Focus dials/wheels/grips. 

    DSLRs/Mirrorless bodies are capable of professional work, but, as you've discovered, outboard gear is required  to make it work, and such work is better suited to a crew. Dedicated video cameras are infinitely easier to use. 

  • Makes a lot of sense. Also when I said button, I meant to imply the typical digital 'wheel' or 'joystick' (a larger, more fluid version of the zoom you see on small handy cams)

    For ISO and Start/Stop, buttons would be fine.

    But like you said, its still quanitative so zoom/focus could be terrible haha. Even with a digital wheel, it might jump in weird increments. I will likely create a button for the zoom on the right handle then and just use the manual dial as suggested for my left hand to opperate :) @triem23

    Also here's a link to his article on the build (only read if interested, its fairly informative and intersting in my opinion though)

  • Wow, I'm really impressed with DigiPin13's wireless controller, have seen this product on Tom Antos's yt channel and I ordered it. It's very cheap and you' re getting a lot of functions with this controller. It works with almost every single camcorder. Perfect precision, easy to use and you can mount it on tripod or you can buy handheld version. Again, very impressed, but this company deserves more  attention and support. If you' re interested in this wireless controller or you want just check out and find out more from this company, check this down below:


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