New Hobbit video diary from PJ!

Peter Jackson just posted up a new video diary from The Hobbit:
I'd embed it if I knew how, but Facebook aren't exactly forthcoming with that information. So here's a good, old-fashioned link:
What do people think? I was pretty sceptical about The Hobbit, especially the enlarging of it into several films, until these video diaries came out. The diaries have taken me straight back to 10 years ago (!!) and Lord of the Rings and everything so far seems to be fitting in perfectly.
As with a lot of the LotR Making Of stuff, what strikes me the most is how different Jackson's approach is to most blockbuster movies. He doesn't bother with secrecy and trying to control the marketing at the expense of the fans: instead he seems to properly embrace the fact that people are interested.


  • I was really skeptical about The Hobbit because the tone of the book is so different from the tone of The Lord of The Rings, and I was concerned that Jackson trying to fit The Hobbit into the template he created with LOTR would result in all the fun of The Hobbit being sucked out of it.
    But, these production diaries have also taken me right back and made me feel the excitement I felt years ago. I love the insight into the process you get with Jackson, for me the behind the scenes stuff was always a big part of why I like LOTR so much.
    So yeah, I am really looking forward to this. That shot of Christopher Lee at the end of the video was the icing on the cake.
  • Can't go to the site ... FaceBook is blocked at the router level here - I have a few trust issues :P
  • Loved that blog entry. I can see myself watching The Hobbit as many times as I've seen LOTR for sure.
  • Very cool. Jackson's video diaries are always awesome, and I wish more directors would do things like this.
  • Brilliant, easily the best one yet. Haven't been this pumped for a movie in ages!
  • I can't wait for The Hobbit! I love the LOTR stories as much as the behind the scenes! Been waiting too long for this! :)
  • Lol that movie's been filming for 4 months? Where have I been? I wouldn't say I'm excited for this right now, but I like the first 3 so I have expectations for this one.
  • Those video diaries are amazing. I'm so psyched. Feel like a child again. :D
  • God production on that scale..... jesus.... I dont know how they do it

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