HitFilm Pro 4 Crashing

Good day,

My HF 4 is lately crashing too much. Just when I'm in the middle of my work something happens and it crashes.

Any help would be much appreciated.



  • i have the same problem...what's the solutions?

  • Ahssan @Hitfilmer123754 can you provide some information to help figure out the problem. 

    We will need to know your computer's CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage, as well as the file formats and codecs of your footage (what camera you used is fine). 

    Are you running Antivirus, are your GPU drivers up to date, and is your computer a Dell? 

  • I also have this issue, and have narrowed it down to this - If I rename a composite shot, then double click to open it (from the timeline or assets) I get an automatic crash every time.

  • Why do NOBODY ever post their PC specs when it comes to issues like these?

    I don't get it, do they expect people to magically be able to answer their question?

    Please add a mandatory form which you have to fill out before being able to post a technical issue..

  • Thanks Triem, 

    The specs of my machine are good enough except that I don't have a separate GNU but the issue I was facing was not due to it but because of windows registry problem. 

    Fixed it

  • Ahssan, glad you fixed the issue! 

  • ok my computer is:

    intel i7 860 2.8 ghz; window 7 pro and 64 bit system; asus radeon 5850; 12 gb ram...

  • So any ideas why renaming a comp shot crashes out the program every time?  My PC far exceeds all the minimum specs, Nvidia 970, 16gb RAM, etc.

  • What's in the comp? Also, are you running any programs while this is happening? If it's if there's something in the comp as simple as,say, a plane with text, then it could be something bigger. You're right-it is quite a puzzling problem indeed.

  • i had terrible problems with hitfilm 4 pro, i was only able to launch it.

    on loading or creating a new project or just close the program without doing anything it was crashing on me.

    i was able to solve this issues by creating a new Database "cache.db" file

    everything runs as it should again.

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