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I have Hitfilm 4 Pro and I have been liking mocha's tracking systems that come with it. I have been using the Camera solve part a lot and have been able pull off some really good camera solves. However recently I have been experiencing problems. What I have done is I have tracked 4 planar tracks of my footage and have all turned out really accurate. But then when I select all my tracks and click camera solve it gives me a really good 99% camera solve quality, so I thought great but when i imported it back into Hitfilm, all the 3d points are terribly unaccurate and are all moving a round. Am I doing something wrong or is my footage just to hard to track?


  • Check you're exporting the tracking data for the correct range of frames. If they get misaligned you'll get the problems you described.

  • Is mocha saying some points may be unreliable? Sometimes mocha can solve from some of the tracks even if others are bad. Mocha will ignore the bad points for the solve, but still exports them. Are you finding some points are stable, while others drift? Mocha is serious voodoo and sometimes needs to be cajoled. 

  • Thnx to all, I reshot my footage and it worked with that

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