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So, this is kinda random but I figured I'd share anyway.

A friend of mine got rear-ended the other night in downtown San Jose, and the dude drove off without stopping.  Her dash cam caught the offending vehicle pulling back into traffic, but she said it was "too blurry" to see the license plate.

Hitfilm to the rescue!

I got a copy of the footage from her, denoised it, did some sharpening, and eventually managed to get a solid frame of the truck.  Unfortunately, someone's headlights had blown the plate out completely, making it totally illegible.  Still, I was a bit excited to be able to play CSI, if only for all of ten minutes.


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    Ignore this lol

  • You can do things like offsetting two copies by 1 pixel vertically and horizontally and use difference overlaying to see edges that were previously invisible.

  • Eh, that stuff is beyond my area of expertise.  I'd be happy to Dropbox the footage for anyone here willing to help, though.  My gal pal is out a grand deductible and the cops can't even begin to look for the guy without a plate.

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    Put the footage/image on two layers in a composite. Set the Blend mode of the top one to Difference. The screen will go Black. Move one of them by a pixel in any direction and you'll see the edges. Might bring out some previously missed details.

  • @Palacono That is a nifty idea. One might need to add an exposure/gamma adjustment(grade) to make tiny diffs more visible.

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    Indeed!  I gave it a whirl, but unfortunately the plate was still completely blank.  Hit and run drivers are really common in California... was the victim of one myself not too long ago.  Really wish I'd been able to do something.  Vindication, n' all that.

    Still, I consider it a pretty novel use of the software.  Would have been awesome if I'd gotten something!

  • Just goes to show that we are still a bit away from the Sc-Fi reality of taking a blurry image and enchancing it to make it ledgable. Mind you 360 videos are coming close to that bit of kit in Blade Runner, now you can go right of frame, do a 360 and with every increaing resolution and sensor capture the whole relection in a tear may become a reality too.

  • Hmmm if you really want to take it further try this:

    Video Cleaner

    It's a forensic tool set using Avisynth, VirtualDub, a whole bunch of plugins and filters and custom scripts. It's put together by this guy:

    Forensic Protection

    Since most of the tools he's using are open source he's obligated to release at least some of his modifications and Video Cleaner is how he does that.

  • The original scene isn't on YouTube, but this fan's version is close enough. 


  • This is from a few years back using MIT's photon camera


    A university in Scotland already has the camera down to something portable.


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