Animation paths

Is there a way to create a path and then have a 3d model follow that path as an animation? I understand about using points to animate things rather than using direct animation but when it comes to creating turns for ships or aircraft for instance I find real problems getting them to look real.

I've tried having an extra point that the model is parented to but is located outside the 3d model. rotating this point causes the model to proscribe an arc centred on the point but is there not another way. 

Also I find maintaining consistent speed to be a problem when using multiple keyframes. Any hints and tips about better, smoother animations would be greatly appreciated,  


  • Paths? Nope.

    Which version of Hitfilm are you using? If 3 Pro, you're basically hand-keyframing point rigs. In 4 Pro, there are tricks with the new Value Graph and Auto-aligning layers that will cut 3/4 of the time off your animation. 

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