3D Camera can not be tilted?

As the videos on the Hitfilm channel are not sufficient to the problem I wonder if there are any other video tutorials on the 3D cameras and the 3D space. Once I got the results that I wanted but it was a hassle and I want to be able to use them in a deliberate way. So that I can use them properly before I reach the retirement age.

The cameras only have handles to move them forward, backward, up, down, left and right. They cannot deliberately be tilted. Only after playing around they are in unwanted positions and the only solution is then to reset the whole thing and start again.

Also the 3D space itself is not very intuitive. At a certain moment it seems impossible to look at the scenery horizontal. Everything is diagonal on the screen and using the not tools to the right only makes it worse.

For a simple thing like moving a camera from the left to the right over layers that are stacked with a certain distance between them it takes ages to get the camera straight.

The final work would take less then two minutes, if it where possible to move the camera in proper way.


  • @MarioKluser better camera handling in the preview windows would be nice for certain but you can do anything you want in the Transform part in the camera options. I use only them mostly.

  • Will  try that.

    Once I figured this out I probably make a video tutorial myself.

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    @MarioKluser  Scroll down in this thread until you get to TRIEM TOOLS: Utility Templates.


    @Triem23  created a tripod rig for the camera using points. "Camera X-Tilt" controls up and down tilt and you keyframe the X- axis for that. The Z-axis of this point controls Yaw. "Camera Y-Tilt" controls left/right pan and you keyframe the Y-axis for that. Finally "Camera Dolly" controls the camera position. There's a download link and more complete instructions in his thread

  • @Aladdin4d Thank you very much. Downloading it right now. I hope this will bring some light  into the darkness.

    #Triem23 Thanks as always :-)

  • I downloaded it and I wonder how did @Triem add the handles for the tilting to the camera. I don't know how to reconstruct this and would like to  do this in my other projects as well.

    This is the only way to move the camera correctly. Why are these handles not included in Hitfilm itself?

  • Triem will be included in HitFilm 5 as well. )

  • The handles aren't on the camera, they are on the points that are set up to control the camera. Not unlike real life, where the handles aren't on the camera, they are on the tripod that controls the camera. Triem23 explains exactly how its set up in his post, where he also explains how to use the rig: http://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/comment/45191/#Comment_45191

  • @MarioKluser I don't have it right in front of me to be sure but I think to re-create it you:

    Add a 3D point and position it just behind and below the camera then parent the camera to it. This is your X-Tilt and Z-Yaw control so name it Tilt X/Z

    Add a second 3D point just below the X/Z point. This is your Y-Pan control so name it Y-Pan. Now Go back to the Tilt X/Z Point and parent it to this Y-Pan point.

    Finally create a third 3D point and place it just below Y-Pan. This is the Camera Dolly point to move the whole rig so name it Dolly. Now go back and parent Y-Pan to the Dolly point.

    If I missed something or got it wrong I'm sorry but hopefully you'll be able to follow along and pick apart Triem's template to understand what's going on. 


  • @Aladdin4d Thank you very much. I will dive into this. Very useful!

  • @Aladdin4d All the points are placed in the optic of the camera. I only added the Tilt in my project. But, gosh, this makes everything finally usable. 

    The handling of the 3D space is still pure trial and error though. Have to reset the view quite often as I get lost in space :-)

  • Mario even if you're only using a single point in the rig, it's usually better to rig the camera to a point and animate the point anyway.

    Another thing to remember--you want to animate XYZ ROTATION, and NOT ORIENTATION.

    Orientation is designed to be used once only--when setting the initial position of a layer, model or camera. Hitfilm will always, always chose the shortest path between Orientation keyframes.  Which might not be the animation you want.

    Otherwise, I probably went into great detail in the other linked post.

    If you have specific ideas for how to improve 3D navigation add that to the wishlist. That said, one of the HF4P updates earlier this year did a near-total revamp of the 3D navigation based on user input. Since FxHome already redid 3D navigation based on user input this year, I would expect further changes to be lower-priority.

  • @MarioKluser Don't thank me, thank Triem23!

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