Just made a mock Olympic inspirational video with our group from #VisioNox Studios

Let us know what you think. Volumetric lighting in Hitfilm 3 Pro really brought this one to life!



  • I really enjoyed it, great work. I have pro and was unaware of what volumetric light did before watching this.

    Also at 2:04 the hands holding the sign had me laughing pretty hard. Good job :)

  • Great! really like this

  • Brilliant! I have no other words. :D

  • Funny stuff!  

    (yeah, love the extra hands holding the Rio sign)  The fact that you keep the gag going and never point it out gives the audience time to catch it and catch it again.  "Oh crap!  Did I just see that?"   Nice touch!

  • Very cool!  Fun concept, and nice little touches here and there to keep adding to the humor all the way through.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    That was wonderful! 

  • Great stuff!

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