Kenny Baker: Preston pays tribute to R2-D2 actor

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Before I get to the reason of the title of this thread-

RIP, Mr. Baker. Some criticize that he was simply sitting in a garbage can and required no skill. I disagree. While a lot of how R2 conveys emotion is done through sound it still has to be portrayed on a physical level. Even the slow tilt forward slightly conveys a LOT of emotion when it's sad news; or even jumping side to side to portray excitement. So nay to those who criticize you Mr. Baker, you played a tough part, brought a lot of joy to the kid in all of us and in my eyes, you were a huge man!!! 

It doesn't happen that often that I find my name as part of a headline.

But there it was on Kenny Baker: Preston pays tribute to R2-D2 actor . About 90% of the time when I hear the name Preston it's being used as a last name. The only three semi-famous ones I know of are Preston Dennard, Preston Tucker & Preston Epps. There is a location near Richmond, Vermont called Preston Hill which is a land formation AND remarkably my first and last name. My uncle's boss stayed at the Preston Hill Inn and gave me the receipt to prove it. I'd love to go there one day. There's a trucking company in Wisconsin called Preston the 151 Line but I'm guessing it's a last name. There's a guy in town that drives a van around with Preston's Appliance Repair on the side. I met him and his first name is Preston. That was kinda cool. There's an episode of Magnum P.I. in which they keep calling a character by his last name which is Preston. I wasn't paying attention to the episode while doing the dishes as I had planned to rewind and watch it later. So as it played, every time the name Preston was said I'd look at the TV.  It's unfortunate I find out now that there's a town in England called Preston with the death of Kenny Baker. I say unfortunate because I certainly would have thought of Kenny Baker while he was still with us more often, especially every time I see or hear my name. I still will, but there's a hole there now.

Forgive me if this seems self indulgent. It's just that you don't find bicycle license plates, bedroom door name placards or monogramed jackets/shirts with the name Preston.....unless special ordered and back when I was growing up that kind of stuff cost quite a penny. And it took forever, no internet so everything was snail mail. John, Steve, Rick, Mike, David, Allen.....they're all lucky guys. Their names are everywhere. You can even find Bradleys or Brads and Pete more often than when I was a kid. If you're lucky you might even find a Simon once in a blue moon. But Preston? Fat chance!

So THIS Preston is more than willing to pay tribute to Kenny Baker:



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