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I uploaded a video to the movie wall (my first short film) yesterday, but it still hasn't shown up in the list.  It gave me a generic link to view it when I finished uploading it but I can't find that anymore either.  I was wondering if there was a "vetting" process before it was released to public consumption or if there was some other criteria I overlooked.  Thanks.


  • Yes, due to people accidentally uploading dozens of 'test' videos, it's now curated, so it may take a few hours/days.

  • Ok, good deal.  I suspected that might be the case but just didn't know for certain if I had messed up.  Thanks for the info.

  • @ttdavis You can also start your own thread in the HitFilm User Gallery category

  • Oh, that's interesting.  I did not know that.  Thanks!

  • How do You insert Youtube movies to post in work-gallery category for example? I see no buttons to do that. Just link, emots and image.

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    @Onixarts - Just grab the Share link from the video's YouTube page, and paste it straight into your comment. You don't need any special button or anything, just paste the link and the embed will be handled automatically. Make sure you use the Share link though, and not the URL for the video page.

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    Thanks :)

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    Freaky timing....

  • cant even find the movie wall anymore

  • There isn't a movie wall anymore. Instead, there is an entire forum dedicated to user work, so you can post alink to any videos you want to share there. Feel free to start a thread and share your videos to receive feedback from the community.

  • how do I upload my new movies trailer to the wall



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    @Hitfilmer57341 you don't.

    As Axel has already noted, the movie wall has been discontinued. There is now a User Gallery forum, linked above. From there, the "New Discussion" button, and paste in a link to your Vimeo or YouTube upload. 

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