compression artifacting

I have been recording using OBS into the MP4 format and editing them in hitfilm and exporting them into the MP4 format. I use a bitrate of 20 normally. When I'm viewing the preview everything is normal, but as soon as i export it I get really bad Artifaction. I assumed that this was an issue with my bitrate so i bumped it aaaalll the way up to 30 and still the artifacts were there albeit a bit lesser, but this has gotten my video over 11GB, and i cannot upload such a large video to youtube if it is going to be such shoddy quality! I would upload the video here but it is 11 whole GB and would take at least 24 hours to upload. If anyone knows anything to fix this please tell me!


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    Can you set your Viewer to 100%, and then upload two images to show us a comparison of a single frame in the HitFilm viewer and in the Exported footage? Then let us know what specific export settings you used for the exported file? Being able to compare the same frame on both sides of the export should help us work out what is going on.

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