How to lock Emitter Position

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I'm having troubles grasping this:

I have tracked a point (null 2) in the clouds.  The emitter shape is fixed to key framed point (null 1).

I want to have the emitter (null 1) eminate from the (null 2) tracked point.



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    Parent the LAYER to Null 2. This moves the particle system AFTER it's rendered, so the whole sucker will move with the camera shake. :-) 

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    Ok. That sorta worked but the emitter still appears to slide. It's probably the track. I used HF's tracker but Mocha might be better. I'll work on that. The thing with parenting the track is the layer moves offset to the other layers. When the particles fly by the screen in the last seconds of the shot you can see  the particles abruptly go offscreen (The edge of their layer)

    --Other than starting a new thread this question is relevant to this shot..

    Is it possible to align motion path of the emitter to a animated point? In particular the emitter is sitting still and the particles follow the path.

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