How to get End Credits Crawl?

I have "End Credit Crawls" as it was part of the "Starter Pack" I bought last year.

I have a tutorial showing how to use the ECC, and I point people to buy the Starter Pack to buy it.  However, I noticed when I look in the "starter pack" now, there is no ECC in there? 

So how do people buy the ECC now?

Cheers :)

EDIT: I just noticed the Boris 3D Objects package mentions Credits, so people need to pay $50 now to create End Credits?


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    End Credits Crawl is part of stock Hitfilm 4E--no Add-On needed.

    The Add-ons were shuffled a bit in HF4E. A few effects got moved into "stock" HF4E (like End Credits Crawl and Lightning), and the Add-on packs got reduced in number, but effects from certain Add-On packs got shuffled into the new ones. For example, "Atomic Particles" got moved from the (discontinued) Particle Add-On pack from HF3E into the Audio-Visual Pack for HF4E. Owners of the HF3E Audio-Visual Pack got upgraded and got Atomic Particles added in!

    I don't have a complete list of changes, and, since the HF3E Add-On store is gone, there's really no way for me to check.

    The Boris 3D Objects package is a different beast altogether. Some very nice functions there, and, at $50 it's really a bargain. Compare the BCC 3D Objects pack to, say, Blufftitler or NewBlue Titler Pro. (Note: the BCC 3D Objects pack in HF4 is the BCC 9 unit. Current Boris is BCC 10. The Hitfilm Add-On doesn't have Boris's new "Title Studio," which is an all new text engine for BCC 10, but the  Title Studio more-or-less duplicates all the other effects in that pack and brings them into a single interface. Although the Title Studio can import c4d models.)

  • So to have clarity, anyone installing HitFilm 4 Express, gets the "End Credit Crawls" free as part of HitFilm 4 Express?

    If yes, then why does the $50 "Boris 3D Objects package" say "professional end credits"?

    Thanks Triem:)

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    Yes, everyone who buys Hitfilm 4 Express gets the FxHome programmed End Credits effect.

    The Boris Add on is third party software, not from FxHome, and that package happens to have Boris programmed Credits. Since BCC is a third-party add on it's content is determined by Boris FX not FxHome. There's often overlap in plug-in packages.

    As another example, the Hitfilm Ignite package for other NLEs has a Lens Flare effect. Now, Sony Vegas ALSO has a Lens Flare effect, but the Hitfilm one has a totally different look to it--so, rather than being redundant, it becomes a new option.

    Same with the Boris--it has capabilities beyond Hitfilm's text engine while recreating most of what Hitfilm's text does.

  • You mean everyone who gets HitFilm 4 Express right?  Nobody needs to buy it right?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yes, everyone who gets Hitfilm Express 4 gets the FxHome End Title Crawl.

    The Boris is Optional, not needed, but can do a lot the FxHome stuff can't.

  • Thanks Triem ;)

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