Short Action Comedy - Production Value

Made this with a Canon C100, Ronin-M, and 30mm Sigma lens. Probably would have been less shaky if I used a 20mm lens and no HDMI cable sticking out of the camera. Feedback would be great. Thanks!



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    I like it. The acting is better then i expected. I don't know them but they have potential really.

    I can see why you ended it in that way. But you could have cut it direct after the ufo too. Subjective.

    Nice work :)

  • That's hilarious! 

  • This is very good, made me laugh, that said you might need to be inside the whole production business to get the joke. When all said and done, it is a solid video, great acting (hope that pizza was loaded!!) and a great script. It certainly made me click on the channel to find out what else you guys have done.

    Thanks for sharing  @mdubs

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    It could have been worse. The producer could have insisted on a jib shot--or worse, a drone.

    Great job!

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    @mdubs - you know what, that's one of my favourite things I've seen in a while :) The jokes were on point, the acting was good, the terrible special effect was suitably terrible and I REALLY liked it. 
    I was constantly flinching for your cameraman with the steady cam though - I kept picturing them falling off the concrete either side. 

    Struck me as a spoof version of the roof scene from this Film Riot short (except they shot it with a Phantom drone):

  • Love it... freakin' hilarious!!! ;)

  • Hahahahahahahahahaha, this is great!

  • Great! Surprisingly well acted.

  • Watched it again after seeing it bump on the forum list and still pretty funny, mind you now what bugs me is the lighting change from clearly day light to a night shot. Guess they ran out of daylight.

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