How to "outline highlight" in the way the Iron Man "thrusters" video has?

Near the beginning of the heads up video, Kirsty is looking out of the HUD and seed the generator light up with a "data readout" next to it, then the car.

How can I do this?  Have tried duplicating the video, then messing with Cartoon effects to get something similar, but then it was hard to remove all the non-outline data from the layer, and in a busy scene (like that garage) I had tracker difficulties, and ... well I'm hoping there's a simpler way!

Thanks for some how-to lovin'.



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    What I believe I know they did for the "Heads Up" video was to export a frame, take it to a photo editor, draw the outline on a transparent BG, then import the graphic to Hitfilm. 

    To keep it all in Hitfilm, you could add a plane, use masking tools to outline the object, duplicate this mask, use mask transform controls to scale the mask down, then switch this second mask to subtract. 

  • "How to "outline highlight" in the way the Iron Man "thrusters" video has?"

    Find edges? Maybe add a glow/blur to defuse?

  • Like @TriFlixFilms said, you could use the find edges tool and if you wanted the edge to be one solid colour you could apply the tint tool and tweak it from there. 

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