Sony Vegas Crashes w/ HitFilm video (Resolved)

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I use Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. I render composite shots into MP4 video and then edit them together with sound and music in Sony Vegas 11 Home Studio because I find that more efficient. However I've found that when I try to render the Sony Vegas project into one big video,  it crashes in the middle of it. This problem happens most often with projects that have a lot of shots that I put together in hitfilm. Any ideas as to what might be causing this?


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    If Hitfilm isn't involved because you've already prerendered the shots then it's the Sony software that's got the problem, as you don't say you're using the integrated features of Hitfilm 2U with SMS to add Effects on the timeline.

    Although you could be using Hitfilm Effects from within SMS, but you don't say that either.

    As you're running SMS 11, that's a 32 bit program, so are you running 32 bit windows with only 4GB installed? Might be a RAM issue.

    BTW, it's worth upgrading to Sony Movie Studio 12, Platinum Suite, 2 disc version, as it's a 64 bit program so if you are running a 64 bit version of Windows with more than 4 Gb of RAM it'll run better. Plus there are lots of goodies with SMS12 and these days you can get it for peanuts. Don't get the OEM 1 disc version: less goodies.

  • Downloaded Vegas 13 trial, seems to treat it much better! Thanks bro

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