Lost my HitFilm Activation

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Hi everyone!

So, long story short, I had to reinstall all of my computer's stuff the other day. However, now, I lost my HitFilm activation! When I try to reactivate it, it doesn't do anything. If I reinstall the program from my account (where it's already purchased), will I lose all of my presets?



  • Entering the same account information that you purchased HitFilm with should activate the software. You can have up to three active installations with Pro so if you're out of activations you'll have to deactivate at least one. Since you had to re-install everything you can safely deactivate the previous installation freeing it up.

    Unfortunately if you had to reformat your saved presets will be gone

  • @Behind_The_Lens can you clarify what you mean by "When I try to reactivate it, it doesn't do anything" ? Are you seeing any kind of error message?

    As Aladdin says, you should be able to reactivate using your account email address and password. If you've run out of activations, the activation wizard should tell you and walk you through that.

  • Thanks for the advice! When I try to reactivate it, it simply won't change the "buy hf4p" button in the software. But it's all good now, I just deactivated the software, then re-activated it.

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