Does HitFilm 4 Express support Ultrawide monitors?


I was wondering if HitFilm supports ultrawide monitors, I'm very interested in upgrading my crappy TN monitor to something that's out of this world in comparison, so I put the Samsung S29E790C on my Christmas wishlist (I buy my own presents, don't judge!).

If anyone is using an Ultrawide monitor, please let me know how it works out for you. Maybe I'm just missing something but I did CTRL + F in a few places but nothing showed up, unfortunately.

Monitor in question:

Samsung S29E790C
Height adjustment

And the list goes on, it's a beauty!




  • As far as I know it should work, I have a 4:3 monitor right now and Hitfilm readjusts its self to fit. I really need to upgrade myself... Its painful to watch back my 4k videos on a screen which is 4:3 and isn't even 1080.

  •  Same as Film Tech. But I have two 1280x1024 monitors. And I am looking at getting one 2560x1080 (21:9) monitor. So I put my two monitors in AMD Eyefinity to give a total of resolution of 2560x1024, and Hitfilm 4 express handled that with no problem!

  • Nice monitor!

    I have the LG 29UM58  ultrawide monitor.  I just started using Hit Film Pro a few weeks ago and I don't have any problem. I can also view the movie output on a second 1080p acer touchscreen monitor but don't use this option very often since 29" is a perfect size. I would recommend that you buy your screen from a store that has  a good return policy (double check for computer screen policy). If it does not work as expected for you, just return it.



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