1994 Rendering (updated 7-31-16).

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    48 hours to render a single SD frame, and now people are complaining about mot being able to do 4k in real time.... 

    Great render!I'd love to recover some of my old stuff. 

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  • Wow, that's older than I am 

  • That is the year i begun to use Lightwave. Any changes to the models or are they the same?

  • This was the year before I was born... :/

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    Thanks. Still very nice models :)

    The earliest -kinda- watchable thing would be this probably (1997):


    The ship model isn't good and i don't remember if i made it from scratch or  only changed it to look how i wanted it. But every other part and animation is made by me. Lightwave  of course. It took a week or so to render.

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    OMG that water looks amazing. Why do big budget movies have worse water than that, when this could be achieved in 1997????? @Kadri

  • Nice to hear that, thank you. I couldn't render it with reflection in 1997. It took too long. That was later in 1998. The water isn't bad by the standards of that day maybe ... Although i like that you liked it :) but water is much much better made today in my opinion (i wouldn't compare it). The lower resolution helps too maybe. 

  • @Kadri That's a good point. I think effects no matter what they are nowadays are far too obvious, they might be doing it on purpose for a more cartoon look though, I have no idea.

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    Everything is bad CGI is heard in many places in the last years. There is bad CGI of course. But i think the real thing is they should be called "bad effects"  CGI is not the problem if it is handled good as every effect. Some people think that with practical effects it  was better in the past. No it wasn't. I hated the fake back screened scenes or bad matte effects or the bad miniatures that looked like miniatures in old movies even when i was a chield. If they were badly made of course. Today there are so many effects where people even don't think about. You see it only if you know it is an effect or if it is bad. The others go unnoticed and there are many of them actually.




    There are many more but look at some of these effects for example:


  • @Sarasota  'Single Frame Render Time: 47.5 Hrs.' ........ Holy fudge paste, you guys had it really bad back then and people moan that they can't get smooth playback on their timeline o_o

  • @Sarasota does have patience for sure. Until 1997 or so i just played around mostly. It was too slow for my taste. The animation i showed above from 1997 was for a 12 minute small documentary like project. It took 1 week to render the whole project in Premiere even. 

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    :) @NXVisualStudio , no it was a PC. I haven't used any Amiga. But my friend who showed me Lightwave  was a fan of Amiga. I saw the greatness of Amiga only too late when it was already kind of death unfortunately.

  • @NXVisualStudio I've got that song stuck in my head now... gonna have to re-listen the whole album later 

  • @Kadri  NeonVisual uses LightWave to date and still it requires a ranch service in france, the server nodes he has now still can't cope with the sheer amount of physics, so you rendering in 1997 and using probably a 3dfx/Voodoo GPU must have been S####ingly slow!  I applaud you. 

  • plus the CPU being in the 300MHz era 

  • @JMcAllister Ooooooolaaaaaaah ;) don't forget Jeff Wayne released a new generation version of his original :)   

  • @NXVisualStudio Very close, yes "3dfx/Voodoo GPU" and a Matrox card (they were great those times) :)  I was dreaming of a SGI computers at those times and for video editing Targa cards. All gone now. Phew! Threads like these are always showing how old i am.

    @Sarasota are you on the Lightwave forums by the way ?

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    @Sarasota ; 281 days phew! The images does look nice. Not sure but i might have seen it maybe.

    I use the same name "kadri" in the Lightwave forums and everywhere.It is my real name.

    I saw that Lightwave real before. There are some nice work in it.

    As for the speed problem. Just when you think you will catch it from 320x240 you go to DVD quality. Then you go to 1080 and then VR .... 4K...etc. This will not end in the near future as it looks :)

    And i am envy related only to computer kind of things. You can not make me envy with a Ferrari or whatever. So having said that you owned SGI computers was not a nice thing ... just saying  ;)  :)



  • Yep, I miss my 4D-70, 4D-35 and Elan.   Learned UNIX before I learned DOS.

    Explains a lot.

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  • Well back in my day . . .

    We had to push pixels backwards uphill in the snow.

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    @Sarasota "Beautifully Grape Purple Box, exhaust fan eminating the sent of Silicon wafting through the room... As you stare at her sitting on the desk, she begs.... Let me render that for you baby...."  That was cruel...really really cruel.  

    The most close i came to a SGI box was ones again in 1997 when i visited a big tv channel. There was a guy who made short animations (daily) .  It was the hand animated kind of thing on a PC ( Amiga is more possible probably) i think.  We talked a little how he could use the pc more for his animations. Then he casually showed a place behind him and said that they had this on that desk there but nobody used it. And when i saw the color of the box ( yeah most probably purple) it was such a strange feeling. Especially when you think that i was working on that 12 minute video (Mostly Premiere) for 10 months.


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    @Stargazer54 don't bother...he does have no mercy.  He even said something like Alexa or so i think somewhere .... I hope he doesn't have that one too.

    You don't have to answer that @Sarasota ;

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    Boy, I don't think I ever actually FINISHED any 3D renders in the 90's using Bryce or 3ds MAX, except for one logo shot. Back in the days of hour-per-frame renders I just could never get the time to complete anything. I was in college at the time and always needed my computer for other things.

    I might have some super-super old CAD 3d stuff from my Atari ST days in the late 80's/early 90's floating around somewhere on aged VHS...

  • @Triem23 my first -and of course bad- animations are on a VHS too. But i don't have a player now. I could find one probably but not sure if the hassle is worth it except for the memories.

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