Does HitFilm run on a Dual Core (Intel) CPU?


My PC specs:




R9 380

XFX 550W


I'm about to buy a Pentium G4400, and I was wondering if HitFilm would run on it. Considering HitFilm minimum requirements: 

  • Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or Intel Xeon (Nehalem) processor or AMD equivalent

My current CPU is a A8-5500, and it's a Quad Core CPU. However, the Pentium G4400 has got roughly 50% more raw computational power. So, for this reason I'm assuming it should work. 

If there's a hardware check done by HitFilm upon starting the program, and it won't run because of it, is there an easy way to bypass this check?

This can easily be tested by someone owning an i3 processor as well, all you have to do is disable the hyperthreading and try to start up HitFilm.

Thank you in advance!


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    Why would you go from a quad to a faster dual core? Seems more like a lateral move than an upgrade in my opinion.

    I believe it would work though.

  • It's a much faster CPU, and I would be on a new platform which would allow me to upgrade to a better CPU later on if I need one.

    I agree, but despite it having 2 cores, it's a very good CPU for gaming which my current CPU isn't, it's terrible in comparison.

  • Hitfilm can run on any cpu but you will find that the viewer inside of hitfilm while editing will get very slow unless you have a fast cpu.

  • @HarryM - There are minimum requirements to run HitFilm, which can be found here:

    Also, slowness in editing is more often related to the video format being used than to the processor.

  • Strongly recommend struggling through an older system until you have enough to upgrade to new gen hardware at once ie:

    LG1150 sockets (Haswell or higher or AMD equivelents)

    DDR4 ram

    NVIDIA 970 or higher (AMD 480 or higher)

    From there upgrade storage, increase ram, and upgrade hardware as needed

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    @TriFlixFilms - You mean buying an i5 right off the bat?

    For everyone, DDR4 doesn't show a significant improvement over DDR3 in HitFilm right?

    Perhaps RAM preview is speed up?

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    I prefer i7 but in your case you'd best getting and 3.0hz+ i5 quadcore with Nvidia 1060 or AMD 480.

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    This would last you 4 years or so... I like to give my builds themes i.e. Red/Black for this one.

    • i5 Quadcore @ 3.2 hz (The 6600k is better but $50 more)
    • 32gb of DDR4
    • 3TB 7200rpm at 6Gb/s
    • EVGA 1060
    • 550W Platinum Fully Modual PSU by Rosewill
    • Windows 10

    Total - $1000.80

    This is probably impractical at the moment with your $400 budget. But take the time required to save your $400 and multiply it by 2.5 and that is how long it will take to earn this rig. By that time something new will be out and this build will be outdated however, $1000 will always be anough to build  a good entry level computer. No matter what generations of hardware is out.

    Just keep struggle busing with your system and buy it all at once, then upgrade it one piece at a time.... kind of like buying a used car and paying for repairs.

    The equivelent would be driving a 2000 honda civic and you want the 2016 Porsche but cant afford it... so you settle on the 2007 Accord when only a year more of savings would have gotten you a 2014 Mustang. 

    Price to Performance, to Happiness Ratios haha

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    $400 budget?

    Specs above

  • Could of swore you stated you had a $400 for upgrades in a prior thread... sorry, I am know to make mistakes hahaha

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