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    "There’s a million content creators in the world in the world, not all of them can afford a [$6,000 Nvidia Quadro] M6000,” said AMD's head of industry alliances David Watters. “It’s our job to sell them a Radeon Pro.”

    That has got to be one of the worst PR moves a company can possibly make. 

    I'll never understand the workstation market. That's just silly to me, the card they're killing the other card with is actually inferior, WHAT?

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    @KevinTheFilmmaker  I don't think the new card is actually inferior. It's faster (5.9 teraflops vs 5.2 teraflops), uses just over half the power and costs $4000.00 less than the old card. That all sounds decisively better to me.

  • Bonkers money.

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