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I'm a hobbyist, so it's normal for me to get an idea for a project and just grab a camera, go into the field and shoot loads of footage.    After a couple of years I have amassed  a lot of video files.  After shooting I put the footage into a specific directory structure.  ie for each year there is main directory ie 2016, followed bu a month directory ie 07-2016, followed by a day directory ie 07-21-2016 -(Camera).  If it's a specific event (Faire or Festival) I would add that nomenclature, however if it's just a video idea,I have to use notes and memory to locate that specific footage months later. For my still photography, I use Lightroom 6.   My question is; does anyone use lightroom to catalog your video  footage?




  • No I don't but what I do wish I had done over and above what you and I have both done with directory structure is been able to use a TAG on each file so then be able to search these. Tags might be a Persons name, location, event, emotion, background plate, camera type.

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    I use a FileMaker database which works but it's overkill and it'll cost me a small fortune to upgrade it if I ever need to. If you have a version of Office with Access there's an asset management template that's supposedly easy to adapt and I know a couple of guys that use it but I know several more that are using  AbeMeda  and/or  NeoFinder  Both give you options similar to @Andy001z 's TAG wish for a heck of a lot less money than a Digital Asset Management package.

  • Pretty sure Plex can do it

  • You can add comments directly to any file in Mac OS, which will be factored in when you do a Spotlight search. This lets you keyword your videos so they are searchable without requiring any additional file management software. I'd think Windows can do something similar, though I've never tried it on Windows.

  • Well, I went ahead and set up a separate catalog in Lightroom to handle  just my videos.  I can use as many tags as I like as well as other characterizing tools.   Let's see how that works out.   The problem was that,  I would get an idea, go shoot some footage, then not quite sure how to do the effect that I had in my minds eye, I would move on something else.  Well, 6 months later I finally see the tutorial explaining how to duplicate  effect related to my original idea.   Now I have to find the original footage.    this is why I wanted to catalog my videos.

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