Pixel "mud" error when rendering mp4

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when i render a simple video 1080p25 with  constant bitrate high, 5.1, 80mb bitrate, in the exportfile i see pixel-"mud" every 3-4 seconds... on youtube it begins at 2 second, 5 and 13.  on 720HD.. is like a blur effect for 1 sec, then constantly the video was sharper and blur again..


when i render the same with variable bitrate... no issue to see

when i render the same video on videodeluxe16, no issuewhen i use handbrake, no issue.

specs.. hitfilm4 pro, 920i, gtx970, win7 with latest updates.

with hitfilm3pro at same video with same exportoption h.264 constant bitrate high, 5.1 80mb  i see no issue..



  • I'm not seeing the video, can you check the link please?

  • now the film is marked public. sorry

  • @chriguf could you put a screenshot of your export settings that do not work please?

    Also, why do you need a constant bitrate? In most cases a variable bitrate produces a smaller file size for the same quality. The video bitrate (size of the file per second) is not to be confused with the frame rate (number of images per second), which will be constant.

    If you really need a constant video bitrate, try setting your max bitrate property to something higher than what you've got (although if you already have it set to 80 Mbps, it's already quite high, it could be an issue with the software).

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     I'm just wondering, thats only in hitfilm4pro with constant bitrate...

    have testet main and high profile..

    At baseline 5.1 they are no pixel-mud... only main and high.

    whats the difference between baseline and main/high?


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    @chriguf  The profiles define subsets of the encoding techniques and features available in H.264 and are used to target different decoders with different capabilities. 

    The Baseline profile supports a limited subset of features keeping things simple requiring less processing power to decode and is aimed at devices like low power cell phones. (iPhones were restricted to baseline only playback through iPhone 4)

    The Main profile supports most of the encoding techniques and features but it needs more memory and processing power on the decoder side. It's targeted more for higher powered devices like DVR's.

    The High profile supports virtually all of the encoding techniques and features and needs the most processing power and memory. It's meant for broadcast and high quality distributions like Bluray.

    Levels define different allowable resolutions and bitrates targeting available bandwidth and the memory available for storing reference frames on the decoder side. The higher the level, the higher the available resolutions, frame rates and bitrates.

    As an example the first 3 generations of iPhone only supported H.264 video encoded with a Baseline profile and up to Level 3.0 so not even HD. The iPad 1 and 2 supported the Main profile and up to Level 3.1 so up to 720p video but no 1080. Current Apple devices support the High profile and up to Level 4.1

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    Wikipedia has a good article with a a chart outlining the different levels and profiles.


  • Wood? Trees? :) The most worrying part of his post is:

    "with hitfilm3pro at same video with same exportoption h.264 constant bitrate high, 5.1 80mb  i see no issue.."

    So, has something changed in the Exporter in HF4P?

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